Missionary Update: Paul & Wanda Hatcher in Brazil [May 2012]

Paul and Wanda Hatcher have been serving the Lord together in Brazil for 36 years. Paul pastors Tabernacle Baptist Church in Manaus, Brazil. Their main ministry is church planting.

Dear Friends,

We started the month enjoying the services and fellowship at the spring conference.
It was a great time to hear and share what God is doing in the life and ministries of our friends and co-laborers in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

While in the US, Wanda and I always enjoy time with Mrs. McGary, my mother-in-law. She travelled with us during our stay; as our time was short, this was the best way to spend the most time possible with her. She really likes to attend the conference and keep up with the mission news.

We were privileged to visit several churches and talk about the work God is doing. We appreciate all the churches and individuals praying for us and contributing to our ministry. Thanks to those who hosted us – New Life Baptist Church, pastor Steve Wainright, in Lexington; Thompson Road Baptist Church, pastor Dave Parks, in Lexington; Calvary Baptist Church, pastor Bobby Green, in Richmond, Ky.; Grace Baptist Church, pastor Mark Pyles, in Fairborn, Ohio; and Emmanuel Baptist Church, pastor Darrell Messer, in Bellbrook, Ohio .

We visited John and Judy in France. This was a long-time dream, and we are thankful for the opportunity God made possible. We also enjoyed the visit with our nephew, Phillip, his wife, Amanda, and their children. This was a great family reunion. We had a chance to catch up on our experiences in the gospel, and see the challenges of sharing the gospel where most are atheist. We rejoiced as we attended the Bible teaching and worshipped with our Christian brothers and sisters of the church in France.

Back in Brazil, we’re back to full throttle. Yesterday evening, I was with the mission in Ouro Verde and was pleased to see their progress during the weeks we were away. I expect they will soon be ready to organize a church.

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.  Pray that the Gospel will continue to spread, and that the Lord will give us wisdom to best optimize the time He gives us.

Yours in Christ,
Paul & Wanda

Paul and Wanda Hatcher
Avenida J. Carlos Antony, 172
65063-150 Manaus
Amazonas, Brasil SA

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