Missionary Update: John Mark & Judy Hatcher in France [November 2014]

Missionaries John Mark and Judy Hatcher have been serving the Lord in Tournefeuille, France since 1999. They define their ministry as “disciple-making.”

November 5, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Next week is the Thanksgiving Conference hosted annually by New Hope Baptist Church in Dearborn, MI. We are grateful, members of New Hope, for all the hard work and financial commitment that you give annually to this event because you love the Lord, those who need Christ and us. Our prayer is that God will use these meetings for His glory and the blessing of all who attend.

The Vacation Bible School, held the week before last, went well and some of the children attended for the first time. Our theme this year was the Word of God. Job commitments reduced the number of people from our congregation involved in teaching and helping with the children. However, the leadership team worked together smoothly and we were very happy with the outcome.

VBS 2014 France John Mark Hatcher VBS 2014 France John Mark Hatcher

We are also happy with the development so far of the free English class for young children who live near us. This has opened a door with the parents. One of the parents mentioned that she told a friend of hers about our introduction of kids to “the faith” and that when we had Vacation Bible School next time this friend wanted to send her children.

Our next monthly youth meeting is this coming Saturday. We continue to have new children at nearly every meeting. Reaching children and young people is very important. Generally, people here think that believing in God and interest in spiritual things is a thing of the past and only for unintelligent people. Having contact with young folks who have not yet become hardened is a great opportunity.

During the past month we have had the opportunity to develop a number of new contacts and friendships. Some of these came unexpectedly as extensions of former relationships. We also reconnected with people we had not seen for a while. Please, pray with us that God will continue to open doors and that we will use the opportunities effectively.

May the Lord’s richest blessings be evident to you today.

John and Judy Hatcher in France

John and Judy Hatcher
4, rue d’Aspin
31170 Tournefeuille, France

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