A Marriage & Ministry Ordained by the Lord

Bobby and Charlene Wacaser have served the Lord as church planters in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, since 1985.

April 29, 2024

Hello our dear praying friends,

Charlene here, taking advantage of the opportunity to share with you a little of our ministry world from this missionary wife’s perspective. Above and before all else, I want to say that it is a privilege to serve the Lord alongside my husband, Bobby, and also say that I have always been thankful for this calling. There are unique challenges I face serving in Brazil, but I also know that everyone has their own set of challenges just because we, as God’s children, are not of this world. The Lord told us in advance in His Word that, if we wanted to be His followers, then we would face trials, obstacles and opposition in this world.

The Lord definitely ordained mine and Bobby’s marriage and ministry. We are so different from each other in personality and skills, but He uses those differences to complement and complete us as a team. Bobby is a more visionary and big-picture sort of person, and I am a more detailed and “give me the plan” type of person. Does this cause problems? Sometimes, of course, but more often it helps us accomplish more as our differences work together to fill in the gaps that normally come up when trying to pull off a ministry or event.

My role provides me with a wide variety of experiences. For example, recently I accompanied Bobby on an evangelistic trip to several native indigenous tribes in the jungles of Argentina. We shared God’s love with 6 different villages all in one day. Their material poverty was apparent, but thankfully, the riches of God’s grace were shared with them and many of them became heirs with Jesus through the word that was shared. We also evangelized in neighboring Paraguay in 120-degree temperatures. I have to be honest and admit that I was very uncomfortable, but I do count it a privilege to have done that for God’s glory.

One of my favorite roles is to be an encourager to our team leaders’ wives. I know what it feels like to move to a new place, leaving friends and family and starting a ministry from scratch alongside my spouse. I am able to share that experience with them and how God always comes through to supply everything we need to be faithful and pleasing to Him. I also realize that it is my role and privilege from the Lord to support and encourage Bobby in what the Lord has called him to do. We really are a team and I’m glad to be on it.

Let me close by telling you how grateful and thankful I am for your prayers, love, and faithful support on our behalf. May the Lord richly reward and bless you as well.

Yours in Christ,
Charlene Wacaser

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