VMP: Louie Carver

LOUIE CARVER [Mary is with the Lord]

Louie and Mary served in partnership with BFM from 1971-1987. They served as missionaries to Korea and the Philippines from 1971-81. Then, from 1981-1987, Louie served as Field Representative for BFM.

Here are just a few of the numerous churches they either established or nurtured during their tenure of missionary service:

  • Shin Nae Baptist Church – Seoul, S. Korea
  • Faith Baptist Church – Seoul, S. Korea
  • Doo Mill Baptist Church – Doo Mill Dong, S. Korea
  • Kai Pyoung Baptist Church – Kai Pyoung Dong, S. Korea
  • First Baptist Church – Kai Pyoung Dong, S. Korea
  • Open Bible Baptist Church – Saint Maria, Philippine Islands
  • BFM Stateside Field Representative: 1981-1987

“I had to retire from active missionary activities due to illness. However, I am a member of Rocky Creek Baptist Church in Simpsonville SC. I have been in temperament counseling for 30 years. Due to progressing illnesses I have suffered over the past few years, I cannot preach or teach, however, I still conduct counseling through the ministry of our church as I am able to do so.”

Pray for him! Reach out to him through every means you can (call, write, e-mail), and let him know you still appreciate him and his service. He would love to hear from you personally, or from your Sunday School class, or your church leadership.

Louie Carver
259 Finley Hill Ct | Simpsonville SC 29681
864-346-5734 cell phone

When you designate your offerings for ‘Veteran Missionaries Pension’ or for ‘Founder’s Month Offering’ [they are the same], they will be applied toward the continuing and on-going financial honor and support of these faithful life-long servants of Christ.

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