Missionary Update: Harold Bratcher, on permanent furlough from Brazil [April 2013]

Harold Bratcher served the Lord in the Amazon Valley for 52 years from July 15, 1959 through December 29, 2012. His dear wife, Marie, faithfully served with him for 51 years until her death in February 2011. The Bratchers organized over 20 Baptist churches and many other missions in Brazil. He is now on permanent furlough in Kentucky, still in the service of the Savior.

April 8, 2013

Dear Brothers of the Blessed Lord and Sisters of the Savior:

Once again we (Asa Mark and I) greet you not from the Amazon Valley of Brazil, South America, but from my warm Kentucky home where the sun is shining bright!

This Mission Sheets month began February 11 and finishes today. During this period I heard 15 sermons, or Bible studies. I also had the privilege of preaching twice. Both times at the Fellowship Baptist Church in Richmond, Ky where Bro. Adrian McKinley is pastor. The first time was Sunday morning the 17th of March, celebrating the 85th Birthday of dear Brother Glyndon Dargavel. Afterwards we enjoyed a time of great food and fellowship. Then on Thursday the 28th, I preached the opening message of their revival meetings that went through Sunday. Then Sunday, the 24th of March, I celebrated my 86th Birthday. We attended Sunday morning at the David’s Fork Baptist Church and at 3pm, the Passion Play at the Gardenside Baptist Church. We had celebrated it in Frankfort with my Brother Charles and family on Saturday morning and that evening at the home of Pastor Mickey Hyder. One of the other messages we heard was at the funeral service of dear Sister Helen Palmer. She was a faithful friend of the Bratchers for over 60 years. Bro. Bob Jones preached a most comforting message on what awaits the faithful servants of our Lord.

On Easter Sunday, March 31st, we attended the third service at the Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort where dear Bro. Dr. Hershael York is pastor. We were royally received and heard a good message. Then at 1pm, we enjoyed a time of great food and fellowship at the home of Charles and Reva Bratcher, along with some 15 more family members. The following Wednesday we attended the service at the David’s Fork Baptist Church, where after a meal, we heard Charles and Alice Tillet, missionaries to Kenya. On Friday, the 5th of April, we met my sister in law, Deane Cruise, at the Richmond Cemetery, and honored Marie, on her 86th Birthday, by placing beautiful roses, at the grave of her mother and father, Sherman and Flossie Moore. What precious memories, how they linger! We also were able to visit Sis. Ella J. Casey, a dear family friend.

During this period, we were able also to visit the Bryan Station BC, Broadway BC, and Trinity BC, all in Lexington, among others. Continue to pray for Asa Mark, as he had the fourth surgery on his eye, on March the 12th, but the Doctor was not able to reattach the retina, because of so much scar tissue from the 3rd surgery, that in her opinion, should never have been done. We appreciate my granddaughter, Lucy Marie, coming from Houston and spending 10 days with us during this time.

I hope to be a blessing to many of you, during this first year of my permanent furlough. I would like to report and thank each of you that have supported us during these past years. We appreciate the invitations we have already for this month, May and June. I look forward to seeing many of you during the Spring Conference at Thompson Road Baptist Church. I will be speaking on Monday night, the 22nd, two weeks from today, The Lord permitting. Until then, or next month.

Yours in the Service of the Savior,
Harold Bratcher

1012 Balsam Drive
Lexington, KY 40504
(859) 277-3716
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