Jessica Wacaser, Latest Recipient of the H.H. Overbey Scholarship

We maintain a fund of designated offerings called “H. H. OVERBEY SCHOLARSHIP FUND.”  We use this fund to give assistance to children of our missionaries who are pursuing college work.  Brother Overbey loved to help young people who were continuing their education to be used in serving the Lord.  Many of you could testify to his generous gifts he gave to you when you were a struggling college student.  So, several years ago, some money was given to BFM to be used for this purpose.  We named it the “H. H. OVERBEY SCHOLARSHIP FUND” in his memory and honor.  Qualifying children of our missionaries may receive up to $1000 per school year when they apply and ask for the funds.  But, these are designated funds and must be specifically given to this fund;  no offerings from the General Fund go for this use.  For quite some time, Storms Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Ironton, Ohio has been the only contributor to this designated fund.  We want to thank them for their faithfulness and hope others will be inspired by their example.

Jessica Wacaser is the latest recipient of the H.H. Overbey Scholarship. She is pictured here with her father, Bobby Wacaser, missionary to Brazil.

The latest recipient of this scholarship is Jessica Wacaser.  Here is her 2012 letter of request and appreciation.

Hello everyone,

My name is Jessica Wacaser. I am the daughter of Bobby and Charlene Wacaser.

I am currently living in the United States for college studies. I am attending at Hillsborough Community College. The degree I am working on is Counseling and Human Resources.

I chose this course mainly because I enjoy working with people and love to help them in times of need. Hopefully in the near future, if God wants me there, I would like to use this in Brazil either with Projeto Vida as a missionary or helping my father´s mission with new churches.

I am very excited to see what God has in store for me!

If you all would, please keep me in your prayers here, as it truly is a challenge.

I am so thankful that through BFM these funds are provided to help with my schooling. I would especially like to thank Storm’s Creek Missionary Baptist Church for being so faithful every year in contributing these funds.

May God bless,
Jessica Wacaser