Amy Tate is our latest recipient of the H. H. Overbey Scholarship for the upcoming 2019-20 academic year. Amy is the daughter of our missionaries, Roger and Julie Tate. She has served with her family in Kenya since her childhood and will be entering Cedarville University in August.

The HHO Scholarship awards each recipient $1000 per academic year to continue their post-secondary education in a field that will further train and develop them for Christian service.

The H. H. Overbey Scholarship is named in the memory and honor of H. H. Overbey. Brother Overbey loved the children of our missionaries and contributed personally and generously to many of them for their Christian education and training – as well as others who are still today faithfully serving Jesus Christ. This is just one more way we can carry on his legacy of generosity.

Amy Tate with her parents, Roger & Julie

Amy Tate

We encourage you to pray for Amy and also for her parents and family as they are separated from one another.

And, if you wish to contribute to the H. H. Overbey Scholarship Fund to assist Amy and others of our missionaries’ children in future academic years, designate your contributions for “H. H. Overbey Scholarship Fund.” These funds are supplied only through your designated offerings.

You may read Amy’s personal salvation and service testimony here:

In a world so full of hate, is there room for love? In a world lost in darkness, is there a place for light? In a world consumed with affliction, are there moments of peace? In a world shattered by sorrow, is there hope?

I’ve been a pastor’s kid and a missionary my entire life, and yet I’ve been asking these questions for as long as I can remember. It’s too easy to look at the world and wonder where the beauty of life is. I didn’t have an easy life growing up, and I remember looking at my life and thinking, “There is no purpose.” Why was I still living through each and every day without reason, and why was I going through all of those hardships alone?

It wasn’t until God helped me really understand the joy and the hope that comes only from Him, that I was able to understand the light and the truth and the love and the joy in this world. The most spectacular thing, however, was when I finally understood the hope that was given to me, even in the darkness that I was enduring and living through at that time. I still lose sight of it sometimes, but that hope has, time and again, been a steady assurance to me, as I remember that things will not always be as they were, or even as they still are.

After that, I realized that as a follower of God, my calling- what God asks me to do- is to reach out to the people of this world and to serve them and love them. I want to show them, as God showed me, that there is more to life than just living through it, and there is more to life than the darkness that presents itself. There is more to life than the despair and the hopelessness that we daily feel when we don’t have anything better to look to. I realized that I didn’t want to hide that and keep it to myself, but I wanted to share it. I wanted to proclaim it, show it, and be an example of it. And that is still to this day what I want.

I will be entering and attending Cedarville University in Cedarville OH this fall of 2019. It is close to my home church, Emmanuel Baptist Church of Bellbrook, OH where Darrell Messer is my pastor.

I have no idea what my future will look like. I don’t quite know yet what I will major in, what kind of career I will have, or even where I will live. But what I do know is that it doesn’t matter, because wherever I am and whatever I’m doing,

I can always trust God with my life. What I believe He asks me to do stays the same, and that is to dedicate my life to bring glory to Him and to serve His people; the people that He loves, and the people that are still lost in darkness.

I want to serve. I want His light to be seen shining through me. And in this world of hate and darkness and affliction and sorrow, I want to bring God’s hope to the people of this world, by showing them His love. ~Amy Tate

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Jessica Wacaser, Latest Recipient of the H.H. Overbey Scholarship

We maintain a fund of designated offerings called “H. H. OVERBEY SCHOLARSHIP FUND.”  We use this fund to give assistance to children of our missionaries who are pursuing college work.  Brother Overbey loved to help young people who were continuing their education to be used in serving the Lord.  Many of you could testify to his generous gifts he gave to you when you were a struggling college student.  So, several years ago, some money was given to BFM to be used for this purpose.  We named it the “H. H. OVERBEY SCHOLARSHIP FUND” in his memory and honor.  Qualifying children of our missionaries may receive up to $1000 per school year when they apply and ask for the funds.  But, these are designated funds and must be specifically given to this fund;  no offerings from the General Fund go for this use.  For quite some time, Storms Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Ironton, Ohio has been the only contributor to this designated fund.  We want to thank them for their faithfulness and hope others will be inspired by their example.

Jessica Wacaser is the latest recipient of the H.H. Overbey Scholarship. She is pictured here with her father, Bobby Wacaser, missionary to Brazil.

The latest recipient of this scholarship is Jessica Wacaser.  Here is her 2012 letter of request and appreciation.

Hello everyone,

My name is Jessica Wacaser. I am the daughter of Bobby and Charlene Wacaser.

I am currently living in the United States for college studies. I am attending at Hillsborough Community College. The degree I am working on is Counseling and Human Resources.

I chose this course mainly because I enjoy working with people and love to help them in times of need. Hopefully in the near future, if God wants me there, I would like to use this in Brazil either with Projeto Vida as a missionary or helping my father´s mission with new churches.

I am very excited to see what God has in store for me!

If you all would, please keep me in your prayers here, as it truly is a challenge.

I am so thankful that through BFM these funds are provided to help with my schooling. I would especially like to thank Storm’s Creek Missionary Baptist Church for being so faithful every year in contributing these funds.

May God bless,
Jessica Wacaser

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