Trekking for Jesus

Missionaries John and Judy Hatcher have been serving the Lord in Tournefeuille, France since 1999. They define their ministry as “disciple-making.”

May 11, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Are you feeling shut in? Daily living has been quite different for most of us during the last couple of months. However, we are very thankful for many blessings that God has showered upon us during this time. Eternal life, the union of our spirit to God, is not affected one bit by the viral crisis other than for the good. We thoroughly enjoyed reading the letters of the lady missionaries in the Mother’s Day issue of the Mission Sheets online posting.

One of the many joyful experiences of the last month has been meeting with our church in France! Due to the danger of transmission and the governmental restrictions the congregation decided to meet live online. During the first meeting about 6 weeks ago Judy and I were moved to tears and had a hard time singing during the worship time. The online interactive fellowship has been GREAT! We are so thankful for Philip, Amanda and several other members of our church who work diligently each week to make these meetings a reality. We thank God for giving humans the technological abilities to make this kind of communication possible. Not only have we met with our church in France, we have also been able to “go to church” in America and Brazil. In ALL things God works for good!

Listen to this clip of our Tournefeuille Congregation singing in our cyber service this past Sunday. They like to sing this one in English so the first part is in English the second part in French. The Soloist is a Lea Veuillet. Her father is one of our elders.

Last week, Amanda sent me a text forwarded from a French friend of hers. Amanda has been displaying Christ to this very nice lady, who professes atheism, for several years. The lady’s son had leukemia several years ago when he was still a preschooler. God has graciously given the son physical life and he receives piano lessons from Amanda. The lady forwarded the request of a friend who was looking for someone to help him improve his English speaking. I was glad to help him and we had our first online conversation today. All of the above to ask you to pray for my communication with this young (40ish) husband and father of two sons. He had been told by his “atheist” acquaintance what we did in France. He asked questions and God opened up the door for an introduction of the Gospel. He was interested and I invited him to join us for our virtual Sunday church meeting.

Our dear Savior has also connected us to others in our physical neighborhood who need Christ. Judy and I exercise by trekking [walking with sticks… cross country skiing on dry ground in tennis shoes 🙂 ]. It is a practically unknown physical activity in Evansville. As more people are home bound, they are walking, riding bikes and working in their garages and yards. They keep social distances, but most are looking for social exchanges. This has let us to meet other believers and be able to witness to those who need Christ. It seems that we are well known in the neighborhoods. Sometimes you can be a spectacle for Christ!

On April 30th we celebrated Dad’s 95th birthday. We are so grateful that Paul and Wanda are caring for Dad (John A. Hatcher) as they did for Alta Hatcher (mom) and Willa McGary (Wanda’s mom). Their care for the senior missionaries has enabled us, the younger and aging missionaries to continue serving in the overseas fields. Paul and family set up a Zoom party and nearly all the extended family (7 time zones, 3 continents) were able to celebrate with Dad. God has blessed us beyond our imagination and ability to recount. Trekking for Jesus,
John and Judy

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