Things that Changed My Life for Christ: Soul Winner Pastor Arley Jones


John A. Hatcher has served in Brazil with his wife Alta since 1955.

by John A. Hatcher

When I was young Christian one of my pastors was Brother Arley Jones. He was pastor of the First Baptist Church of Alexandria, KY where my parents were members. The church was limited in the depression days and Brother Jones worked as traveling salesman of cookies and sweets. He rarely passed a hitch-hiker. He took the opportunity to witness of Jesus.

One day he picked up a young man. In a few minutes he told him about Jesus the Savior. Deeply touched, the man trusted Christ as Savior. In thirty minutes or so he reached the place where the man was going. When Arley stopped to let him out, the hitch-hiker pulled out a 38 revolver and said, “When I asked for a ride my intention was to rob you or kill you and take your money. Jesus has changed my life and I want to thank you with all my heart.”

My life and ministry have felt a love for the lost and given me a desire to tell people about the Savior. Pastor Arley Jones’ example was my principle example.