Thanksgiving Conference Recap [Tuesday Evening]

Our 58th Annual Thanksgiving Conference continued Tuesday evening at New Hope Baptist Church in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Bro. Randy Jones, President of BFM spoke during the first evening session. He had a video presentation that covered BFM’s purpose statement and current directions, noting that “The Mission Sheet” today is mainly our website. He  discussed the current state of what is being accomplished administratively through BFM and our goals for the future.

Overview of Accomplishments Year-to-Date:
-Highlight Founders Day Offering
-4% of offerings go to administration; 96% goes to missionaries
-New Brochure
-New Facebook Page
-Mission Sheets in PDF Format
-YouTube Channel
-Email Newsletter
-Giving has increased 3% over the past year. The goal is 25% over 3 years.

-Increase giving 25% over 3 years
-Add a missionary each year for 3 years
-Increase salaries by 5% this year
-Change the retirement plan
-Visit missionaries on a 3-year cycle
-Eliminate car fund
-Establish a repository for BFM Documents
-Try to visit all supporting churches every 3 years
-Encourage churches to visit the mission field

Bro. Sheridan Stanton, missionary to Peru, sang “Let the Lower Lights Be Burning,” which can be viewed below.

He then delivered the final message of the evening, giving an overview of his experience in church planting.

Bro. Stanton was sent out under the authority of Jordan Missionary Baptist Church and received support from churches and BFM.

Lima–the capital of Peru– was designed for 3 million people and has a population of 12 million people. The Stantons started three churches in Lima. They have been in Huanuco, Peru for 15 years planting New Testament Baptist Churches that are Gospel-motivated and doctrinally sound.

The Stantons have found that it takes approximately 5-7 years to establish a church. They should be doctrinally sound and able to take care of their pastor and building…then they move on. The newest work should be established in two years.

The Stantons also run a Baptist Institute with about 120 pastors. They prepare and print material for Sunday School and training and love to host mission teams.

You do what you do because you believe what you believe. 

Over 160 churches in Peru started with the determination of Bro. Richard Hallum with one church plant.

Mission work is for all of us. Start social networking. Learn. Share.

Pastor Darrell Messer presented Pastor Terry Adkins with a plaque of appreciation on behalf of the BFM Board of Directors, as seen below.

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