Spring Conference Recap [Wednesday Morning]

The final morning of the spring conference began at 9:30 on April 4 at Thompson Road Baptist Church.

Bro. Bryan Baggett who pastors Bible Baptist Church in Clarksville, Tennessee and served as a missionary in Venezuela for five years was the first speaker. His wife Kris sang “God Will Make a Way,” and sang the second verse in Spanish.

Bro. Baggett’s sermon was about “The Orchestration of God’s Creation and His Work” as seen in Mark 4:35-41. The same God who orchestrates the plants blooming, the same day works the same in my life. He orchestrates all things.

Baggett reviewed God saving him, calling him, and working through him on the mission field. He had to leave Venezuela when Hugo Chavez came to power.

He exhorted his listeners to remember that God has a plan even when we don’t understand the situation. Keep your focus on the things found in Philippians 4:8-9. This describes Jesus. He is in the boat in the midst of the storm and has all things under control.

Jonathan Parks then ministered in song.

Bro. Donovan Stewart, Lexington Police Chaplain and Associate Pastor of the Baptist Church at Andover, spoke at 10:30 about how “God Has a Calling on Your Life!” as seen in 2 Kings 13:20-21.

He began by telling a story about a news reporter who once asked, “What are the two major problems in the world?” The response was, “I don’t know and I don’t care.” The reporter said, “You are right! Apathy runs throughout.”

God chose sinful man to accomplish His holy work—the highest calling.

There are three things we must be doing:
1)Preach the Word! It’s good news! Pews are cold because polar bears are in the pulpit.
2)Pray fervently.
3)Go soul-winning. Share the Gospel! Witness.

Suzanne Van Meter then ministered in song.

The third and final speaker of the morning session was Bro. Ben Glover who pastors Park Ridge Baptist Church in Gotha, Florida. His text was Romans 10:8-17.

We need God’s Word in our lives. This is the Gospel message: the death, burial, and ressurrection of Jesus Christ to atone for sins. We can be born Jewish, Muslim, or Hindu, but becoming a Christian is something we confess.

Matthew 7:20-23- “By their fruits ye shall know them.” So many people are busy working that they forget to preach the Gospel. Our business is to bring glory to God!

He emphasized verses 14-16, reminding us that we need to get the Gospel out. It is powerful and God said, “Go preach it!” We have the responsibility to tell others. Preach the message and let the Holy Spirit take care of the rest.

We must look to Jesus to be the sustainer of His church, BFM, and all things.

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