Open Door at Katukina Reservation; Hearts Hungry for the Word

Mike and Beverly Creiglow have served the Lord in Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, Brazil together since 1971. In addition to pastoring First Baptist of Cruzeiro do Sul, Mike builds his own boats and frequently travels up and down rivers to share the Gospel with those who have never heard.

March 13, 2018

Dear Brethren,

More great news. A door has opened for us to share the gospel at the Katukina reservation. There are 8 Katukina villages along the Transamazon. The tribal leader of the very last of these was saved a few months ago. His name is Raimundão. He invited us to start teaching and preaching to them. The adults speak and understand Portuguese pretty well. The children only speak Katukina. There are only 54 people in this village. We have made 3 visits so far and each time we had just under 50 people present. We meet with them in a spacious, open thatch covered area. The floor is just bare dirt. As is often the case, this area is also their community kitchen. These “services” are far from conventional. During my lesson on the second trip a rooster stood on the clay stove and crowed the whole time. This didn’t seem to bother the locals a bit. Our team could not run it off and it was really distracting to us. On the last trip one little kid (about 3 years old) took off running, fell and smacked his face real hard on the hard clay. He stayed sprawled on the ground and wailed for about 5 minutes. None of the adults even looked! We still have no idea who that little boy’s mom is. If one of our kids scrapes a knee, the mom rushes in and another 10 moms and dads, too. So far I have been taking my small group members on these trips. They have been enjoying it, but I have to keep them under control. They see all those dirty little kids and want to take candy and food to give away. We will be taking food to eat with them in the near future, but must be cautious about the handouts. These tribes are so used to all kinds of government handouts that it is easy for them to expect outsiders to take care of their every need. I did take 6 New Testaments and a dozen Gospels of John to give to those who know how to read. Pray that we will have the patience and wisdom needed to continue serving them.

A couple of weeks ago I visited our work at Cruzeirinho. They were showing off the 30 new pews that they just built. Their new building, which seats 200+, was almost full. Bev went with me for this visit.

We have continued to make progress at First Baptist Church. There have been several requests for baptism and a few more saved. Others have been added by letter. One whole family of 7 came by letter, in fact.

Last night we had our first general meeting of this year with our small group leaders. Many are traveling, but we still had 75 present. Each group is supposed to have 10 people or less, but most have many more than that. All of our groups now take care of around 900 to a thousand of our church members. We have made great progress in getting as many members into groups as possible over the past year.

Our Sunday School lasts for 2 and half hours, including the opening worship. Two Sundays ago I taught the adults and youth for the two one hour periods. That lesson was about the security of the believer from Hebrews 6. This lesson was expository. A health problem has been keeping me from standing that long. About half of the lesson was taught standing and the rest sitting in a chair on the edge of the stage. For the conclusion I was sitting on the edge of my chair leaning toward the congregation. As soon as I stopped they broke into loud, extended applause. That was really different, to say the least! I am so glad that these folks really enjoy the Word and its doctrines.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. God bless you as much as He has us.

In Christ,
Mike Creiglow

Mike and Beverly Creiglow
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