Missionary Update: The Wacasers in Brazil [May 2012]

Bobby, Charlene, Jessie, and Brennen Wacaser have served the Lord as church planters in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, since 1985.

Dear Friends,

The mountain trek was absolutely beautiful for our little group last week. The weather had been overcast and rainy for the last several days and the forecast for our hike was more of the same. It was a holiday here and we hoped that we’d be able to take along several new friends who had shown interest in our message at the new church. So we prayed for a decent day and made preparation to head out at dawn the next day. The Lord saw fit to bless us with gorgeously clear weather and a nice 40 degree temperature. The cool air helps to keep the body cool as we climb two mountains to reach the highest peak in our region. The peaks aren’t monsters in altitude, being only slightly higher than a mile. The greatest challenge is the distance we have to hike and the terrain we have to do it in. The trail is in a dense Atlantic forest and the round trip is 10 miles. It took us 4 ½ hours to reach the highest peak where we ate lunch and turned around to return. The whole adventure provided us with 10 hours of unbroken time together with our unsaved friends where we were able to share the gospel and the abiding presence of Jesus in our daily experiences. Leo, one of my friends, has become more and more interested in knowing Christ because he likes what he sees in our relationship with the Lord beyond the walls of the church building. We thank God for answering our prayer for good weather, but we thank Him even more for using us to share His love with those dear people that He has placed in our sphere of influence. Oh yeah, and I thank God for the health to be able to enjoy the amazing beauty of His creation up close and personally.

In my last letter I mentioned that we would begin to pour the concrete floor of our auditorium. Well, I’m happy to report that we just finished doing that last week. Now we are beginning to lay the ceramic tile of the floor. This is a process that should take around two weeks. One young man and I are the volunteer helpers of a man whom we’ve hired who knows what he’s doing. I understand the process, sure, but he’s got the experience and I think everyone who will use the facilities will be glad that I was just the helper providing the tools and material for him.

I still didn’t get to show you pictures of the installed windows with this month’s letter, but the glass company has assured me that Monday May 14th that they’d be installed. Hopefully next time I can post the pictures. God willing!

Our former church’s pastor, Afonso, and his family have been very busy since their arrival a little over a month ago. They have been making a lot of visits to get to know the members and have also gotten to know the new visitors. They have a very winsome way and are rock solid in their Bible beliefs and teachings. God has already blessed and they have baptized two new members and have two others studying the Scriptures with them in preparation to be baptized also. We are happy to see our former church enthused with their new pastor and also excited to be involved in reaching out to their community to win others to Christ. The two churches are each working earnestly to reach their immediate neighbors, but are united in purpose and hearts to reach together our broader scope of unreached people. We thank the Lord for like-minded co-laborers.

Thank you for your prayer on our behalf. God hears and answers mightily. We also want to thank those who have contributed to Baptist Faith Missions so that we may continue to minister in the place where God has placed us. May He bless you for your faith and generosity.

In Christ’s love,
Bobby, Charlene and Brennen Wacaser
Rua Manoel Valdomiro de Macedo, 2281
81170-150 Curitiba, PR Brasil

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