Missionary Update: The Wacasers in Brazil [April 2016]

Bobby, Charlene, Jessie, and Brennen Wacaser have served the Lord as church planters in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, since 1985.

April 6, 2016

Dear Friends,

I knew it! I mentioned last month that I was looking forward to telling you about the results we expected to see from our outreach efforts together with the youth group from Brandon, Florida and Projeto Vida and the Lord sure did bless! In the course of only four days ministering in 6 public schools, we had over 400 professions of faith in Jesus Christ and we shared the gospel with over 4000 students. Every year for the last 12 years we have hosted a youth group like this and this year may well have been our most fruitful yet. Not only did we see so many school kids coming to Christ, but we also saw the Lord working in the lives of the youth who participated from the USA.

Charlene and I were thrilled to be able to get back to Brazil, even if for a short time, especially since we got to translate for the youth as they shared the gospel one-on-one hundreds of times throughout the days of outreach. It was a joy to see God working through us personally and through the group as a whole. We also rejoice that three local churches were greatly strengthened by the efforts because their pastors came along with us to take the contact information of those who made decisions in order to follow up with personal discipleship.

While we were there in Curitiba we were able to visit with our former church and encourage their pastor and members. The church continues to do well under his leadership and we are thankful. The Brazilian economy is in great turmoil at present and this affects the lives of the members negatively, but we sensed that they were not dismayed and that they continue to trust that God will bless and use them if they remain faithful.

I have been asked to serve as interim pastor of a campus church in the Tampa, Florida area. Charlene and I have been seeking direction from the Lord since we arrived in the USA last year. We knew that as long as my dad needs constant care that we would remain in the country and we believe that this call confirmation that we are following His plan for us at this time. We ask for your prayers as we continue to partner with Projeto Vida in Brazil and will continue to return there from time to time to aid in that ministry and will pass on all the funds that are designated to that ministry.

We are so thankful for your prayers and support.

Bobby and Charlene Wacaser

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