Missionary Update: Sheridan & Anita Stanton in Peru [September 2014]

Sheridan and Anita Stanton have served the Lord in Peru since 1983. Their main ministry is church planting and they have helped establish churches all over the country. Sheridan also works to train pastors and Anita works with the ladies’ ministry and developing children’s material.

September 9, 2014

Dear friends,

A lot has happened since my last report. First of all I want to report the construction project for the Calvary Baptist Mission is completed with just a few minor touchups to get done. We plan to dedicate the building on Thursday the 18th of September. Our sister Baptist churches in the area have been invited to come and celebrate with us. This means Sunday the 21st will be our first official Sunday service in the new building. Wish you all could come and participate.

Also we plan to organize the mission into an autonomous Baptist church on Saturday the 18th of October. Pastor George Sledd of our authorizing church will come down to oversee the proceedings. We are excited about this latest milestone in our ministry. There is a lot to do for a church organization in Peru. Our custom is that the church should have a pastor, be financially independent as well as being mature in the “faith once delivered to the saints.” After the organization the church must obtain its “personaria juridica” which is similar to churches in the States having your “articles of incorporation.” This allows the church to be able to legally own property. When this happens I will sign the property over to the church. Then Anita and I will be heading back to the States. Why you may ask? Because………..

On Sunday, August 31, the Berea Baptist Church of Hiddenite, North Carolina voted to call me as its new pastor. Anita and I have accepted! Yes, after thirty-two years on the mission field here in Peru, we are moving back to the States. We have felt the Lord leading us in this direction for about two years and we know it is God’s will for us to embark on this exciting new chapter in our lives. The Saints of the Berea Baptist Church are some of the most gracious and loving folks we have ever known, and Anita and I are thrilled about having the opportunity to serve the Lord with them as their pastor. This is not only exciting for us but also a very daunting step forward in our lives. We must sell all of our belongings here in Peru and start over again in North Carolina. We ask for your prayers because at our age this will be no easy task. However, God has never let us down and we know HE will continue to give His grace, strength and mercy towards these two heavenly pilgrims. For those of you that help support us we hope you will be so kind as to continue your support at least through the month of November (we should have everything finalized and in order here in Peru by that time). Thank you and may God continue to shower His richest blessings on each of you. I will be writing a few more monthly letters before we actually head to the States.

The work in Peru is the Lord’s work and HE has given Anita and I the opportunity to serve HIM here for the past thirty-two years. However HE will continue to use you all to help keep it going. God continues to bless here and Anita and I thank HIM every day for the calling HE has given us to work in this beautiful country, among these beautiful people. Even without our physical presence in Peru the ministry of Baptist Faith Missions will endure until Jesus comes again. Thanks again for all of your prayers and support. I will keep you posted as to our progress in next month’s letter.

Being “in Christ” by God’s grace,

Sheridan and Anita Stanton
Apartado Postal 140
Huanuco, Peru
South America
(614) 500-8823 – Internet Number

sestantonperu[at]hotmail.com – Sheridan
arstantonperu[at]gmail.com – Anita

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