Missionary Update: John & Alta Hatcher in Brazil [September 2013]

Missionaries John and Alta Hatcher have served the Lord in Brazil since 1955, planting over 70 churches that are still in existence.

August 28, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Good COLD morning to you all. Two days ago the temperature was in the nineties. Today, we are shivering with the temperature in low forties. God’s system of air conditioning is unequaled in its ability to change the weather rapidly. During the night, I woke up and Alta was putting another blanket on us. She said, “I am freezing.” While I write this note, the sun is shining brightly and the temperature is rising. I went to the store about 8:30 and Alta is busy cooking some of the things I bought because we are expecting our son Paul to arrive tomorrow in a surprise visit for a few days. What a joy fills our hearts when they come.

WORK IN ASSAI—Brother Daniel is the missionary pastor in Assai. He just called to greet us and to say that two persons with whom we worked and prayed for had been baptized. They are mother, Jirlene, and daughter, Mirela. We praise the Lord and thank Him for His work of Grace in these two lives. Please make the city of Assai a special item on your prayer list. A city of 20,000 population, it is the most difficult place we have ever worked in our entire ministry.

About 15 minutes ago, John Mark called us from France. Our hearts throb with joy when we receive calls from our children. Their work is going well and last Sunday they had wonderful services.

SPECIAL VISIT—While John Mark was on the telephone, Paul was trying to call us. He had just left Sao Paulo and was advising us that he would be here in about five hours. He will visit with us for about five days; what a special treat that will be!

URAI—The work here is going well. Pastor Marcio is doing a good job with the church and the mission points. The Congregation in Sussumo is going very well with a great group of adolescents. The three young people who work there are fine dedicated Christians—Wiler, Jeferson, and Odete. Marcio also pastors the Congregation in the little city of Rancho Alegre. They have services twice weekly. Presently, there is another dedicated brother in the ministry. He is married and they have four children. This week, he and the pastor are visiting two cities to decide where we will begin another Congregation. Praise the Lord for Pastors and people that pray and work for the spreading of the Gospel.

HEALTH—Kathy took me to see the doctor in Marilia. He is a great friend. My heart exam gave everything good. A complete blood exam, also, gave everything as very good. Praise the Lord for His benefits.

Sincerely, by the Grace of God,
John and Alta Hatcher

Caixa Postal 112
Urai, PR, Brazil 86280-000

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