Missionary Update: John & Alta Hatcher [December 2013]

Missionaries John and Alta Hatcher have served the Lord in Brazil since 1955, planting over 70 churches that are still in existence.

November 27, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings from Brazil. Here we are having summer weather and today is one of the most beautiful days you could imagine. Our day temperature runs in the upper nineties but the night temperature runs in the seventies. Alta and I are well in spite of my having some minor health problems. Yesterday, I changed an old water faucet and I spent a little time on my back with a small flashlight in my mouth. When it was time to get up I did not think I would make it–but I did. I went and bought a new faucet and, thank the Lord, I was able to install it. When done, there were no leaks and it is working perfectly. I told Alta, “Jesus was the carpenter of Nazareth and He is the plumber of Urai.” Believe me, without His help I would never have gotten the job done. I praise Him for His goodness in every phase of our lives.

The church in URAI is doing well. The pastor, Marcio, is teaching a class in the Seminary on Tuesday nights. The young people are active and attendance is growing. SUSSUMO Mission is going well with a great group of primary and adolescents attending. RANCHO ALEGRE Mission is now being led by Wagner. He is married to a lovely lady and they have a beautiful family of three girls and a son.

Please continue to pray for this dear sister, whose body had been taken over by cancer. Praise the Lord, our prayers have been answered and she has completed the treatment and is doing well. She has a year to go to finish the final treatment. Please continue to pray for the dear Sister. Amanda, the daughter of Valdir and Sonia, is expecting her first child the first of December. She is married to Clayton, a young preacher who pastors a Mission of the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Cornelio Procopio.

Our youngest child, Kathy, and her husband are moving to the Amazon Valley to evangelize on the rivers. She flies out tonight with her three sons and the wife and baby of a couple who are going there to work with them. This takes our closest child to a distance of  3,000 miles from us. This is the most difficult aspect of being a missionary–to be so far from your children. However, we praise God that all are serving our wonderful Lord.

Our son, David, has planned a special trip for his mother and me. He is taking us to Manaus to spend the month of December and also, to fly to Florida to make a cruise of eight days and to visit our sisters. He knows how I love the sea and ships. I was a Merchant Marine in the Second World War. I have prepared material in three languages for evangelizing while on board.

May God’s Grace be on each of you,
John and Alta Hatcher

Caixa Postal 112
Urai, PR, Brazil 86280-000

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