Missionary Update: Bobby & Charlene Wacaser on Furlough from Brazil [May 2015]

Bobby, Charlene, Jessie, and Brennen Wacaser have served the Lord as church planters in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, since 1985.

May 8, 2015

Our young missionary to the Muslim culture was greatly shaken upon his arrival to the field in more ways than one! Shortly after he arrived at the airport in Nepal, a major earthquake occurred. There was chaos everywhere, as most of you already know from news reports. Alysson was there and he and many others were stranded in the airport for four days without any way to continue on their travels. Soon the food in the airport ran out and his only intake was water and some candy for a couple of days. We are very thankful, though, that he was not injured, or worse, and now he has moved on to his field of ministry.

Although the earthquake itself was not a good thing, we can already see how the Lord used it for His good purposes. Because of the disaster and despair that followed, the people are now much more open to outsiders coming in with whatever help they bring. The people are open to have their more important spiritual needs addressed also. Alysson is struggling to communicate the love of Christ to a people who have never heard of Jesus Christ amidst many physical and spiritual challenges. We are praying for him and supplying him with whatever physical needs that we can.

During the last month our Projeto Vida buses were working together with the group of youth that comes each year from Brandon, Florida to spend a week evangelizing in the city parks and public schools. This year there were 48 people in the group and the Lord used them greatly. They spent one day ministering to a group of over 200 adults of street dwellers, homeless folks who meet at a city park each week to receive a hot meal, are loved on, receive counseling and hear the gospel preached. The youth group performed skits which clearly communicated the love of Christ and several of those folks surrendered to Christ. As an extra blessing, the young people who ministered were also touched by the Lord as they learned just how greatly the Lord could use them when they are willing to step outside of their comfort zones.

Since my mother’s passing away, I have been trying to help my family in the care of my aging father. Our return was unexpected, so my family and I are attempting to adjust to some challenges here in the US. My son’s schooling situation is one of our greatest difficulties because of all the red tape involved, but I think we are finally getting somewhere.

Charlene and I had the wonderful privilege of attending the annual Baptist Faith Missions Conference sponsored by the Thompson Road Baptist Church this past month. We were so well received and taken care of by the good people of the church and it was a joy to be able to fellowship with so many of our missionary brothers and sisters who were in attendance. We also had the privilege of renewing old acquaintances and making new friends with pastors and members from other supportive churches. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support.

In Christ’s love,

Bobby and Charlene Wacaser

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