Missionary Update: AJ & Barbara Hensley in Brazil [February 2015]

The Hensleys have spent nearly 15 years serving in Brazil. They run a vocational school and orphanage in Caraguatatuba and have also established a church and mission points throughout the city.

February 12, 2015

Dear friends and family,

As you read this letter we will be in the States for a little while. We will be traveling to various of our supporting Churches to renew old friends and going to new Churches to gain new support as we have lost several of our supporting Churches this year.

We had a wonderful Christmas this year in our Church thanks to many of you there in the States. Your generous gifts made it possible for our children to receive gifts on Christmas day. It was an AWESOME sight to see when they received their presents. THANKS again!!!!!!! Many things that we are able to do here in Brasil would not be possible if it were not for your generous hearts.

We also had a wonderful Christmas at our home here in Brasil as both of our children, their spouses and children were able to be in Brasil with us. That was the first time in our 19 years on the mission field that this was able to happen. God is so AWESOME!!!!! Even though it was for only one week we were able to cram lots of things into those days.

Before we came to the States, we had the end of year service at Church and had a wonderful time with our Church family. We also had our last Sunday School classes on the beach. Yes, we took all the children to the beach and had their Bible study there. We also had their breakfast on the beach. There were many people watching as our children sang children’s hymns, recited their Bible verses and sat to hear their Bible stories. We then allowed them to wet their feet in the ocean. As you probably guessed, feet were not the only thing that got wet. After this we went to the Vocational School Property and had a church-wide lunch that also served as a party for Barbara and I as we were coming to the States.

Church is going great in Caraguatatuba with our Brasilian pastor Rosevaldo carrying on while we are in the States. Pray for the Church and the other ministries: vocational school, small groups, rehab group, prison ministry, Indian group, and seminary. Speaking of the Seminary, pray for the Seminary because when we get back to Brasil we will be taking it to 3 cities. Dr. Derek Colman is bringing another Seminary professor and they will be teaching Old Testament Survey. This new professor is Dr. Raymond Edge of Bastrop, Texas. An AWESOME addition to the Seminary! He attended Hebrew University in Jerusalem and also lived there for many years. His specialty is in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Our schedule while here in the States is almost full. We start next week and will be on the road for 5 weeks. I have already gained almost 8 pounds, what will 5 weeks on the road and eating out with everyone that we get to know on the road do? The South is going to rise (grow) again.

One of the ministries that is blessing my heart at this time is the Small Groups Ministry. We have 6 Small Groups started in different neighborhoods surrounding our Church. We are experiencing a great excitement behind these groups. We have people coming who do not come to our Church. We are happy to say that now some of those same people are now visiting our Church. AWESOME!!!! The one thing that I did not want to do in preparation for our trip to the States was to give over the leadership of my small group. We are meeting on a front porch on Tuesday nights. This group started with just one family and has grown to 19 in attendance. God is good!!!

In the area of our Church building there is a lot of growth. The city has built 719 homes for low income families. This is going to be an awesome ministry field. Also right across the road in front of the Church is another construction project going on, it is an apartment building. It is turning out that we don’t have to go to the field, the field is coming to us. Looking back at our establishing our Church, people were asking why this area? Well now we know, 2 new schools 719 new homes and an apartment complex of 120 apartments. We oftentimes think we are in control———!

We will be trying to squeeze in some time to do some remodeling at Mrs. Reba’s home. We will be staying with her on our off times.

Pray for our travels while we are here in the States. Also pray for our ministries as we are away from then there in Brasil. We will be going back in April so if you have some vacation time think about coming on down to see what God is doing in Brasil.

In His service,
Aj and Barbara

Aj and Barbara Hensley

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