LBC Alumni Association Members


Dear Alumni,
The time has come, as we look forward to the soon return of Christ, to dissolve the LBC Alumni Association.

I decided to take this action in council with several alumni from different areas, and also to donate the Alumni Association treasury balance of $169.40 to Baptist Faith Missions General Fund.  This is a worthy group of missionaries whom the Alumni Association has supported in the past.

The several reasons for this action begin with the fact that Lexington Baptist College has been out of existence for sixteen years.  Also, the age and health conditions of our Alumni members are important to consider.  However, the greatest motivation in this decision is the soon return of Christ and the realization that many of our alumni are actively involved in many ministries throughout the world.

This is the time to focus on the future.  But, there is a conflict sometimes between these aforementioned reasons and the ability of the fellowship to continue.

Thus we feel the need to support the future focus and to look forward to the fellowship around the Throne.

Brother Michael Campbell