Future Goals and Objectives of BFM

We began announcing several ambitious long-term goals for the future increase of BFM’s
Gospel ministry to the nations of the world. Here are a few of the goals and objectives
we have laid before the Lord. We are committed and willing to lead in accomplishing
these ends.

We are asking the Lord to provide the necessary funds for us to achieve these goals.
Everything we are proposing and committing ourselves to reach for is subject to
God’s will and will depend upon God’s provision for the financial supplies. But,
God is able and faithful to do just that! [Matthew 6.8; 2 Corinthians 9.8-11;
Philippians 4.19

Goal #1: Eliminate the monthly General Fund deficits and increase our General
Fund giving by 25% over a three-year period. This will mean an annual increase of
approximately $125,000 over our present annual General Fund giving. Or, a $10,000
increase in our monthly offerings for the General Fund.

Goal #2: Increase the base salary of our missionaries by 20% over a three-year
period pending available funds. Our missionaries currently receive a monthly salary of
$1717.00 or $20,604.00 annually.
* 5% appreciation lump-sum bonus in December 2012 [$1030.00]
* 5% base salary increase beginning January 2013 [to $1802.00/mo]
* 5% base salary increase beginning January 2014 [to $1893.00/mo]
* 10% base salary increase beginning January 2015 [to $2082.00/mo]

This goal will require a significant immediate and sustained increase in our General Fund

Goal #3: Increase the number of missionaries pending available funds.
* one to be added in November 2013
* one to be added in November 2014
* one to be added in November 2015

Goal #4: Change the retirement plan for new missionaries to a 401K or 403B type
plan: BFM would match 6-10% of their base salary placed in an individual account.

Goal #5: Encourage the missionaries to promote the benefits and services they
receive through BFM’s General Fund.  Support for the BFM General Fund benefits not only them personally, but also all the missionaries supported through BFM.  They would encourage support for BFM in their monthly ministry reports and also during their furlough visits among the churches.

Goal #6: On a three-year cycle each missionary and his works shall be visited by a
Director(s) and a Representative from his sending church beginning in 2013.

Goal #7: We will eliminate the “Car Fund” benefit since it has been unfunded and
defunct for the past several years.

Goal #8: We will establish a repository and archive of BFM documents and
historical records, both past and present.

Goal #9: We will encourage visits by sending/sponsoring churches to the mission

Goal #10: We will establish a schedule of church visitation among our
fellowshipping and supporting churches: every supporting church shall be visited by
a Director of BFM at least once every three years for the purpose of thanking them and
cultivating continuing relationships.

Please help us reach these goals by partnering with us in giving offerings to our General
Fund! None of these goals will be reached merely by wanting them, announcing them,
or publicizing them. We are asking you to join us to help make them realities for our