FaithWORKS Report [September 2014]

PRAY AND PRAISE in this issue…

  • MIKE AND BEV CREIGLOWPRAISE GOD for a time of fellowship, especially with Henry. PRAY for the people being saved in Bolivia in spite of persecution. PRAISE GOD for full Sunday evening services at First Baptist and in the chapels. PRAY for Idevaldo and his wife, the newest missionaries who will be sent to the field later this year.
  • JOHN AND ALTA HATCHERPRAISE GOD for His glorious Gospel He has given us the privilege of sharing with others. PRAY that you will be a faithful witness.
  • JOHN MARK AND JUDY HATCHERPRAISE GOD for the birth of grandchild #10! PRAY for committed first-generation leaders. PRAISE GOD for Philip and Amanda serving in France with them.
  • PAUL AND WANDA HATCHERPRAISE GOD for always providing. PRAISE GOD for working in the life of Francisco Santiago and for the 66th anniversary of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Manaus! Through this ministry, your giving and prayers, children, grandchildren, great children, and even great-great grandchildren churches have spread in more than half of the state of Brazil. PRAY as His work continues to spread.
  • AJ AND BARBARA HENSLEYPRAISE GOD for open doors to share the Gospel at a large new school! PRAISE GOD and PRAY for 52 young prisoners who put their faith & trust in Christ! PRAY that the Lord would open legal doors for vocational classes at the prison. PRAY for their upcoming “Mission Awareness” month. PRAY that the Lord would provide the finances for their blown motor.
  • NATHAN AND CARRIE RADFORDPRAISE GOD for Carrie’s permit for the hospital ministry being renewed! PRAISE GOD for answering prayers for safety. PRAY that the Lord will provide other children in Kitale who are their girls’ ages. PRAISE GOD for their new four-legged family member!
    ROGER AND JULIE TATEPRAISE GOD for a sweet time of worship in a tiny village at night. PRAY for the witch doctor’s village and for the Pokot Christians to be burdened to share the Gospel with their own people. PRAISE GOD for light in the darkness and PRAY that His Gospel will penetrate resistant hearts.
  • BOBBY AND CHARLENE WACASERPRAISE GOD for His protection during an armed robbery. PRAY for the safety of new missionary Alysson, a new missionary they just sent out to the Tupi Indians, and that the Gospel would go forth with great success! PRAISE GOD for growing their church and for the volunteers who are helping work on the building.


The New Hope Missionary Baptist Church will be hosting the Thanksgiving Conference again this November – but it will not be during Thanksgiving week this year.  The new dates will be Monday-Wednesday – November 10, 11, 12.  Please note and mark these new dates – plan to attend. [You can view the full schedule here.]

ThanksgivingOfferingPlease be planning to give a generous Thanksgiving Offering to help us supply our missionaries’ needs.  We must have a generous Thanksgiving Offering to finance the commitments and benefits we give our missionaries over the coming year.

Ask the Lord how generously He wants you to give.  And, ask Him also to supply for you the offering He wants you to give.

2 Corinthians 9.8
And God is able to make all grace abound toward you;
that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things,
may abound to every good work.

When Paul was on his way to visit the saints at Rome, he asked them to be prepared to help him financially so he could continue taking the Gospel on his journeys beyond them.

Romans 15.24
‘Whensoever I take my journey into Spain, I will come to you:
for I trust to see you in my journey,
and to be brought on my way thitherward by you,
if first I be somewhat filled with your company.”

In other words, “When I come to Rome, please help me with your offerings to continue my missionary ministry on beyond you!”

We are pleading with you on behalf of our missionaries to please help them continue their missionary ministries on through 2015 with the Thanksgiving Offerings you will give during this giving season.  Will you help us help them on their way?



All of you do not have Kroger stores in your locality – so this won’t apply to every reader.  And if you do, not all of you shop at Kroger.  But, if you do, you most likely have a Kroger Plus card to scan when you make your purchases to take advantage of in-store discounts and fuel discount points.

Some of you have also been participating in the Kroger reloadable gift card program.  By depositing your money on the reloadable card and using the card to make your purchases, BFM received a ‘commission’ from those purchases.

Kroger has discontinued the use of the reloadable gift card.  However, they have now made it easier to continue the benefit to your favorite Non-Profit Organization [BFM].  No extra steps.  Simply register your Kroger Plus card online and choose BFM as your Non-Profit Organization.  Then, use your Kroger Plus card as you always do and Kroger will direct the benefits to BFM.

We have posted all the instructions you need here. If you’re going to shop at Kroger anyway – and still get all the present benefits of using your Kroger Plus card – then we encourage you to add BFM as a beneficiary also.

(You can also download a printable Word document of the instructions with pictures here. Or a PDF here.)

BFM BROCHURESbrochure (2)

We now have TWO very attractive and informative professionally-produced brochures.  We want you to help us get these promotional messages into the hands of anyone and everyone who is interested in the mission work the Lord is accomplishing through the missionaries who are supported by your offerings through BFM.

(1) The first of these brochures is one that will introduce you to BFM and inform you about the basic principles by which BFM functions. (click here to view)

GF Brochure(2) The second brochure is just now ‘hot off the press.’  This one is entitled “Caring for those who care for the world,” and is designed to inform and explain just how essential the monthly General Fund is to the daily living and ministry needs of our missionaries. (click here to view)

Both of them are full-color, either 6 or 8 pages 8 ½ x 11 format, pictorial, and informative.  Will you please help us distribute these brochures as widely as you can?

If you will send your name and mailing address to:
Dave Parks, 3985 Boston Road, Lexington KY 40514
email: daveparks[at] | phone: 859.223.8374 –
and tell us how many sets of these brochures you want – we will get them back to you by return shipping.

For now, you can access an electronic flip-through version of the new brochure by going to our website and clicking on the brochure cover.

Again, please serve as ambassadors for your missionaries by helping us get either single-copy sets to interested persons or bundles to distribute in our churches.  The brochures will ‘speak for themselves’ – for our missionaries.


Please note the new address and phone numbers for John and Alta Hatcher and Paul and Wanda Hatcher.  Their address is:  15905 Mercott Court, Clermont FL 34714.  Their home telephone number is: 229-529-8497.  John & Alta’s email address is: jhatcher[at]

Paul and Wanda’s cell number is: 239-227-6551 and their email address is: rphatcher[at]

We encourage you to pray for them and correspond with them.

2 Corinthians 9:8