FaithWORKS [July 2013]


  • HAROLD BRATCHER –  PRAY for continuing health and strength – and for the Lord’s direction and provision as they search for a home to buy.
  • JOHN AND ALTA HATCHER –  PRAISE GOD for all our dear and faithful missionary-wives and PRAY for them.  PRAY for all the churches and missions in their ministry fellowship, and for all the pastors and their wives and families.
  • JOHN AND JUDY HATCHER –  PRAISE GOD for another believer and baptism in France!  Read the exciting story of the work of God’s Grace in Samuel.  PRAY for all the other contacts John and Judy are making – more ‘seeds cast upon the waters’!
  • AJ AND BARBARA HENSLEY – PRAISE GOD for the four mission teams who held Bible Schools, Back Yard Bible Schools, and helped do a significant amount of work on their church building.  PRAY that they would continue to be in good health and that God would continue to give them strength to complete everything He wants them to do.
  • NATHAN AND CARRIE RADFORD –  PRAISE GOD for fruit and growth in their several church plants.  PRAY for their housing and vehicle needs for their upcoming furlough.
  • SHERIDAN AND ANITA STANTON –  PRAISE GOD for the opportunities God has opened up for him to preach and teach the Gospel in neighboring nations and help train pastors to meet people’s needs with Scriptural counseling.  PRAY for upcoming church missions trips to Peru.
  • ROGER AND JULIE TATE –  PRAY for the challenges and opportunities they will all encounter and experience especially over the next year as Emily graduates from high school and they come to the States for furlough – and to enroll her in college to continue her education and vocation.  Be sure that all our other missionaries will be praying for them!
  • BOBBY AND CHARLENE WACASER – PRAISE GOD for the young people who have given their lives to serve Jesus Christ as missionaries this summer in the Project Life outreach.  PRAY that God will call other missionaries to reach all the unsaved peoples of the world.


These furlough transportation expenses have been disbursed to purchase airfare tickets for two of our furloughing missionaries. BFM pays for their furlough transportation expenses when they are due a furlough. These funds are disbursed from the portion of the General Fund monies which are received from our Thanksgiving Offerings. Those funds from last year’s Thanksgiving Offering are almost depleted.

BFM provides many other services and benefits for our missionaries from the General Fund than just their monthly Essential Maintenance Transactions. Those additional services and benefits are supplied from Thanksgiving Offering monies.

WILL YOU HELP US REPLENISH THE GENERAL FUND BY DESIGNATING YOUR OFFERINGS FOR ‘FURLOUGH FUNDS’? We will have already paid for the airfare tickets, but your offerings will help us replenish the account so we can provide the other future commitments we have made to them throughout the rest of this year.


Thank you for responding to our 2013 Founders Day Offering. Your offerings given in June were $20,492.00. They are reported in this issue of the Mission Sheets. Also, $1276.00 was given in the month of May. Together, those offerings total $21,768.00.

We bless God and thank you for every offering that was given. May God commend and prosper each one of you who participated.

What will we do with your Founders Day Offerings? We will apply them toward meeting the essential monthly financial needs of our missionaries. The standard monthly commitments we make to them each month amount to over $46,000.00. Those commitments are supplied from the monthly General Fund offerings “as the Lord provides”. When we don’t receive sufficient monthly General Fund offerings, then we reduce either the missionaries’ salaries or their housing/ministry expenses allowances. (We can’t reduce the $12,500.00 premiums we pay for their hospitalization.)

So, your offerings given to the Founders Day Offering will be applied toward those essential monthly disbursements. When we receive more General Fund supplies in any month than we need for that month’s disbursements, then the remaining overage funds are escrowed and kept in account to supply the deficit that we may suffer in another following month. So, that is what we will do with this month’s Founders Day Offering – we will hold it in store to meet the needs in other months.


One of the first places we look every month is the listing of the contributions to the Monthly General Fund. Why? Because the Monthly General Fund supplies the Essential Maintenance Transactions for our missionaries for that month. Your contributions to the General Fund make it possible for their essential living and ministry expenses to be met for that month. So, ‘Thank You! Giving Friends!’ for all your faithful generous and sacrificial giving month by month.

MAKE YOUR PLANS TO ATTEND THE LABOR DAY CONFERENCE IN THE INTERESTS OF BAPTIST FAITH MISSIONS – September 1-2 at East Keys Baptist Church in Springfield Illinois. Dan Hillard is their pastor. You may contact him for more information at dhillard51[at]


Harold Bratcher is retiring from active and faithful missionary service in Manaus, Brazil, and is relocating to live here in the States.  He is selling his home in Manaus and is seeking to purchase a home here.  If you wish to contact him before he establishes a permanent address, you may contact him at: 859.277.3716 / 1012 Balsam Drive, Lexington KY 40504 / or through his email address:  harold_bratcher[at]

TATES AND RADFORDS – their plans at present are to be coming to the States in September and October respectively.  You may correspond with them concerning any prospective plans you would like to make with them.  Roger Tate rojuta[at] & Nathan Radford  naterad[at]

NEED FOR VEHICLES – Both the Tates and Radfords will need vehicles to use for their travels in the States during their upcoming furloughs. If anyone has a vehicle or vehicles you can loan them for their use, correspond with them at the above email addresses.