E-Giving on our Website

You can now give to our General Fund by electronic check via the ‘DONATE/SUPPORT’ tab here on our website.

Some of you have asked about the capability of contributing also by credit card.  We are working on making that option available to you also.  But, your offering will be reduced by the amount of the transaction fee the credit card processing companies charge.  Those fees will vary from one card to another, but are usually in the 3% range.

So, let’s say you give a gift of $10,000.00 to the General Fund via of your credit card, the card issuer may charge up to $300.00 to make the transaction.  We would still bless God for the gift, but it may be published as something like $9,700.00 instead of $10,000.00.  Just be sure we didn’t skim it.

Giving by e-check is not costing us anything because the same webguys who are hosting and maintaining our website also own the company that transacts the checks.  So, they are not charging us for the service.  They love the Lord and missions.  Thanks, Jason and Nikki Estes at http://JREVirtualArchitect.com