BFM Spring Conference 2017

in the interests of BAPTIST FAITH MISSIONS
April 24, 25, 26  |  2017
320 Thompson Road  |  Lexington KY 40508
Dave Parks & Todd Burus, Pastors
Dave Parks  |  859.223.8374  |


Monday Evening
5:00 – 6:00  Supper
7:00   Praise
7:20   Message: Pastor Michael Jones – Zion Baptist Church, Taylor MI
8:00   Praise
8:20   Message: Pastor Kevin Ridder – Bible Baptist Church, North Vernon IN

Tuesday Morning
9:30   Praise
9:45   Message: Pastor Stephen Clark – First Baptist Church, Hazel Park MI
10:25 Break
10:35 Message: Pastor Raul Bergerman – West Griffin Baptist Church, Griffin GA
11:00 General Seminar / Workshop – Prayer Groups & Sessions for our missionaries and churches | Ephesians 6:18
Led by Pastor David Pitman – Addyston Baptist Church, Addyston OH

12:00 Lunch
5:00 – 6:00  Supper

Tuesday Evening
7:00   Praise
7:20   Message: Pastor Tracy Herald – Emmanuel Baptist Church, Warren MI
8:00   Praise
8:20   Message: Pastor Aaron Karr – Calvary Baptist Church, Hurricane WV

Wednesday Morning
10:00 Praise
10:20 Message: Nathan Radford – BFM Missionary to Kenya (Calvary Baptist Church, Hurricane WV)
11:10  Break
11:20  Message:  Pastor Mark Pyles – Grace Baptist Church, Fairborn OH
12:00  Lunch
5:00-6:00  Supper

Wednesday Evening
7:00   Praise
7:30   Message: Pastor Russell Zik – Durbin Memorial Baptist Church, Lexington KY

CONFERENCE THEME: “…that the world may know…!”
John 17.20-23

Our Conference theme this year is: “…that the world may know…!” based on Jesus’ prayer in John 17.20-23.

Jesus Christ came to earth as the Father’s Missionary to the world. Here in John 17, when He commits Himself to the Cross, He prays that the Father will make good on the Father’s purpose for sending Him and for His purpose in coming.

That purpose is 4-fold: [1] that the peoples of the world will know that there is a God; [2] that the peoples of the world will know that He, the Father, is that God; [3] that the peoples of the world will know that He, God-the-Father, sent Christ into our world to be our Savior (John 4.42); [4] that the peoples of the world will know that He loves us and will save us through faith in Christ.

That has always been the purpose and thrust for Gospel missions into the world…from that time to right now.

We are emphasizing that our world is not only lost without God [as we have always been] – but our culture is becoming increasingly deficient in all God-consciousness and conscience and any knowledge at all of who God is in truth (Acts 17.22-31).  “Going to church” or “knowing about God” is no longer on people’s conscience or agenda.  They don’t have a personal sense that they need to or ought to have anything to do with God.

This is true world-wide.  We send missionaries to the nations of the world so “that the world may know.”  But, we must do this not only in the nations of the world that are on the other sides of our borders, but we must also pump up our efforts to reach out to the nations of peoples who live next door to our churches.

This same theme and message must motivate us and energize each of our churches as we seek to reach out to our respective communities. The world of our next-door neighbors also present us with the daily challenges and opportunities to show them and tell them who God is, and that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to save us so we may know Him and live in Him.

Come and join us for these Conference messages and activities as we commit ourselves to proclaim the Gospel “…that the world may know…!”

Google Map for Quality Inn

We have secured special event rates if you choose to stay at the Quality Inn. These are probably the best rates you will find for comparable comfortable accommodations in Lexington.  And, this facility is close to our church site.  Rates are $59.00 per night plus taxes & fees for 1 queen bed and $65.00 per night plus taxes & fees for 2 double beds.  We are requesting that if you want to make reservations, that you follow these instructions:  [1] It is very important that you make your reservation as early as possible;  [2] ask for “Thompson Road Baptist Church Event” rates when you make your reservation;  [3] make your reservation by calling the desk @ 859.233.0561.

Or, you seasoned travelers may be able to find more reasonable accommodations than these though your own online searches or memberships.

WE ENCOURAGE CHURCHES TO PAY YOUR PASTOR’S [AND HIS WIFE] TRAVEL EXPENSES TO ATTEND THIS CONFERENCE.  It will give them the opportunity to enjoy what is always a much-needed physical and spiritual re-charging for your church’s ministry.  We use these Conference occasions to highlight and update our missions partners concerning our missionaries’ ministries and also stir up all of us to greater interest, investment, and involvement in our mutual missions endeavors.  He will come back to you with a greater burden, zeal, and enthusiasm for missions.

Will you take the lead to ask your church to do this for your pastor, our missionaries, and your church?

The Lord has blessed our church to make some much-needed upgrades and improvements to our facility to accommodate our own members and guests who suffer from physical mobility impairments.  We have installed an elevator-lift to transport persons from one level to the other, and also we have completely renovated or constructed new restrooms [both male and female] to make them wheelchair accessible.  These improvements will make all of our activities much more comfortable and accessible.


FROM SOUTH ON I-75: Get off at Exit 104 (Athens-Boonesborough). Turn west toward town. You will be on Athens-Boonesborough Road / Richmond Road Extension. As you approach Lexington, the road will become Richmond Road around Jacobson Park. Continue straight into Lexington. Richmond Road will become Main Street. You will pass the Rupp Arena / Lexington Convention Center on your left. Turn left at the next traffic light. This is Jefferson Street. Turn right in the middle of the overpass bridge onto Manchester. About one mile down Manchester, turn right on Thompson Road and come to the top of the hill.

FROM NORTH ON I-75 OR EAST / WEST ON I-64: I-75 and I-64 merge for a few miles on the north/northeast side of Lexington. Come to Exit 115 on 64/75. This is Newtown Pike (State Route 922). Turn south toward Lexington. Follow Newtown Pike until you come to Main Street. Go straight across Main Street onto Oliver Lewis Way.  Turn right at the next traffic light onto Manchester / Old Frankfort Pike. Follow Manchester about one mile. Turn right on Thompson Road and come to the top of the hill.

Every year we conduct sessions for the children [age 4 through grade 5] who attend our Conference services.  My wife, Debbie, conducts these learning and activity sessions.  Each year, we focus on a particular nation of the world, highlighting its culture and customs along with their need for the Gospel and opportunities to take the Gospel to those peoples.  Our Children’s Center is always set up with crafts and activities which engage the children’s attention and interests in the missions lessons.  This year’s Missionary focus will be on PERU.

We will designate the offerings received during this Conference to go toward supplying the needs of our veteran missionaries who are receiving pensions from BFM for their years of missionary service.  Those pensions are funded from an investment account we have set up for them.  We are also designating our annual Founders Day Offerings to this same purpose.  Please plan to bring and give as generous an offering as you can toward this worthy ministry.

If you cannot attend the Conference, but still want to give a gift, send it to our Treasurer:  Pastor George Sledd  |  PO Box 471280  |  Lake Monroe FL 32747-1280. Or, you can contribute online either by check/debit or by credit card.  Go to our website: and click on the DONATE/SUPPORT page.  Enter your designation for SPRING CONFERENCE OFFERING.

[You can download a Word document version of this information here.]