Nathan +

Carrie Radford

Nathan and Carrie Radford serve the Lord in Kitale, Kenya, which is about 8 hours north of the capital city Nairobi. Kenya is located in East Africa.
Nathan is originally from West Virginia and Carrie is from Pennsylvania. They were both saved at a young age and are members of Calvary Baptist Church in Hurricane, West Virginia. They were married in October 2004 and have been blessed with two beautiful daughters: McKenna, who was born in April 2008, and Camille, who was born in February 2011.

Nathan is currently discipling men in a village called Taito, near Kitale. It is a discipleship course that he considers foundational before the men go out to start churches. His goal and prayer is that after the men receive the training, they will go out to start churches in their respective villages. The biggest challenge with indigenous church planting in Africa is that the natives tend to depend on the missionary for everything rather than standing on their own and depending only on the Lord. Please pray God will raise up godly men who love Him and desire to start churches in their villages.

Nathan also ministers to prisoners, many of whom are forgotten by their families and society. Over the past few years, he has been able to complete two buildings for the men prisoners. Many of these prisoners have accepted Christ and upon their discharge, several of them are attending the churches in Kitale.

Currently, Nathan works in the annex prison. This section of the prison is located in the main complex and houses anywhere from 80-200 prisoners, depending on the transfers from other prisons. During their last term, the prisoners completed the course “Firm Foundations – From Creation to Christ.” The men learned much from the Word of God and responded well to the teachings.

Carrie enjoys going to the district hospital in Kitale to minister to the mothers and premature babies. She gives clothes and blankets for the babies as well as gospel tracts to the mothers.

Additionally, Carrie is also involved with a new international Christian school that has begun in their town. She teaches 5th grade grammar/writing and reading. Their daughters currently attend the school as well.



Nathan & Carrie Radford
P.O. Box 4150
Kitale, Kenya, East Africa 30200