Rejoicing Over a New Believer in France

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Missionaries John and Judy Hatcher have been serving the Lord in Tournefeuille, France since 1999. They define their ministry as “disciple-making.”

March 17, 2022

Dear Co-Laborers in Christ,

We hope this finds you enjoying the presence of the Lord in your life. Judy and I just returned from Florida where we spent just over three weeks taking care of my dad while my brother Paul recovered from a hernia surgery—a hernia brought on by physically managing the care of our father. We are grateful beyond words for the care that Paul and Wanda continue to joyfully give. After forty years of service in Brazil they moved to the USA to care for Mom, Dad and Wanda’s mother. The two mothers moved in the presence of the Lord four years ago. Dad and Mom were missionaries serving with support through Baptist Faith Missions for 60 years in three different regions of Brazil. Dad is now very limited mentally and physically.

God has continued to work through His people here in France. Three weeks ago, Timo, an eighteen-year-old young man, contacted Philip indicating that he wanted to follow the Lord in baptism. He has been coming to church activities along with his family since he was in grade school. Timo has clearly expressed his faith in Christ for the last few months and grown spiritually in a very evident way. This is a great encouragement to us.

Some have asked us how far we are from the events in Ukraine. There are about two thousand miles between us and the ongoing conflict. Thank you for your concern and remember to pray for believers who are on site and people who need Christ in Ukraine and Russia.

Thank you for your faithful support in many different ways.

Your brother and sister in Christ,
John and Judy Hatcher

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John & Judy Hatcher
4, rue d’Aspin
31170 Tournefeuille, France
Present USA phone 1-812-416-1033

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Back in the States!

Jud and Raquel Hatcher are third generation missionaries serving the Lord in São Paulo, Brazil. They are part of the “SeedFactory” church planting initiative, which is a movement to plant churches in all 26 Brazilian capitals. Since 2006, 43 churches have been started in 5 states.

July 21, 2021

Hello friends!

WE ARE BACK IN AMERICA! Yes, we were due back a year ago, but COVID kept us from coming. We arrived in Florida on June 18th and got our vaccines. We will settle in Wheaton, IL for the kids´ academic school year. Our one-year Stateside assignment/furlough will last until July 2022. We desire to visit your family and/or church. If you’d like for us to come visit, please reach out to me. My cellphone is (872) 400-6522, and my email is We’d love to catch up with you! And, as they say on TV, “call us today!” Pun aside, we want to invest time with you and personally share what the Lord has done over the last 5 years. Yes, it has been five years since we last were in the States and we want to catch up and take pictures with you. 

During our first month in the US, we enjoyed quality time at my parents’ home in Florida. It is a blessing to our four kids (and us) to have time with their Grandparents Paul & Wanda Hatcher and with their Great Grandpa John Hatcher. The Lord also allowed us to visit a few of our supporting churches and friends. For 4th of July weekend, my sister Michelle and her family came from Georgia, and we had a great time together. Sarah, Laura, Benjamin and Melissa were invited by our dear friend Todd Thomas to attend Family Church´s student camp at Lake Placid. The spiritual impact on their lives was tremendous. This last Monday our beloved friends Jason & Nikki Estes took us to Busch Gardens – Tampa Bay. The following day, we celebrated our daughter Laura´s 15th birthday at her favorite restaurant, at a plaster painting workshop and ice-cream with Grandpa, Grandma and cousin Luke.

In the meantime, the ministry in Sâo Paulo is well taken care of. But, we also have Zoom conference calls and individual follow-ups with people, even while in the US. In a nutshell, during the last 5 years in São Paulo, the Lord allowed us to start and/or revitalize five churches and assist several orphaned children into foster care. We are grateful to serve the Lord in His Kingdom!

We are truly thankful for your continued support and prayer. Don´t forget to contact us. 

Always grateful,
Jud and Raquel Hatcher

Contact Info:
Jud & Raquel Hatcher
São Paulo, Brazil
(872) 400-6522

For ministry donations:
Pastor George Sledd, Treasurer of BFM
P.O. Box 471280 | Lake Monroe, FL 32747-1280
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Always on the Mission Field

Missionaries John Mark and Judy Hatcher have been serving the Lord in Tournefeuille, France since 1999. They define their ministry as “disciple-making.”

Missionaries John Mark and Judy Hatcher have been serving the Lord in Tournefeuille, France since 1999. They define their ministry as “disciple-making.”

February 11, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

You never know when the Lord may open the door for you to speak to someone about Christ. I was flying back from Florida this past Friday night and a young man sitting next to me told me that it was only his second time to fly. His first airplane flight was just a week earlier on his way down to Florida. He was from western Kentucky.

As he spoke, I asked God to open the door for me to speak to him about the Good News of Jesus Christ. Maybe five minutes after that prayer Trenton asked me if I was speaking on the phone in another language when he first sat down next to me. I told him, “Yes, I was speaking in French.” This led to his inquiry about why I spoke French and I told him that I lived in France. Shortly thereafter he asked me if I was there for a job, and we were off… to heaven! So, for the rest of the flight we spoke of our need and Christ doing all necessary for us to be forgiven, become God’s children and live with an eternal purpose.  He did not make a profession of faith on the spot, but did speak of his need and how God had brought others unexpectedly into his life to talk about salvation.

All of us are always on the mission field. It is important to realize that this is the reason our Heavenly Father has left us here on earth.

So, why was I in Florida, anyway?  Paul and Wanda Hatcher were returning from Manaus, Brazil where they had been for the last 6 months. The Lord richly blessed their ministry to the Tabernacle Baptist Church and other churches during this time.  They were returning bringing with them our father, John A. Hatcher, who’s health has declined substantially.  All of us in the family are very grateful for the continual and demanding care that Paul and Wanda have committed themselves to provide for our parents during the past five years.  They have done this as a ministry to enable Judy and me, David and Pennie, and Kathy and Odali to give ourselves to ministry where God has placed us.

So, I was at their house in Florida to clean, sort and move things to provide the best circumstances for their return and sort through documents so that Paul and Wanda would have the all they needed to care for Dad in the home and provide for future care.

I then drove to Miami to pick them up and taxi them back to central Florida. The Lord worked everything out perfectly and I also enjoyed visiting with a couple of churches in central Florida where we have family and friends.

We are looking forward to being back with Emmanuel Baptist Church of Bellbrook, OH, February 21-23, for a series of meetings on following Jesus to make disciples.  If you live in this area and are interested, you can contact Pastor Darrell Messer for further information. We are also looking forward to being with New Life Baptist Church in Lexington, KY on March 1 and celebrate with them 23 years as a church.

We thank God for your prayers and faithful support.

May the Lord bless each of you,
John and Judy

John Mark & Judy Hatcher

For ministry donations:
Pastor George Sledd, Treasurer of BFM
P.O. Box 471280
Lake Monroe, FL 32747-1280
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