Changes in the Last Year

Missionaries John and Judy Hatcher have been serving the Lord in France since 1999. They define their ministry as “disciple-making.”

April 10, 2024

Wow! Another year of our lives has passed. Looking back, what do I see? What has changed?  What is the same?

Last year at this time we were making final preparations to move house. We moved to France via suitcases…bit by bit. I often asked myself, “How on this earth have we accumulated so much stuff!” A gentle reminder of what are the truly important things to hold to. After a whirlwind of sorting, pitching, and packing we moved into our new place the first of June. Fortunately, we only moved about 2 miles from our old house, so it could be done in lots of small trips. Our church family helped with painting and moving the big items. We are settled and loving it! Of course, we have new neighbors and that opens doors for sharing the Good News. Also, we are closer to our son, Philip, his wife, Amanda and girls. No words can express the honor we have to be able to work alongside them.

Physically, John and I are well. We are thankful that we are able and capable of sharing the News!

To celebrate our 70 years of life and 50 years of marriage, our children gifted us with a trip to the States to be able to be together, all 22 of us for one whole week! We played, laughed, and just enjoyed being together. Our children knew that the best gift they could give us was time together.

The normal Bible studies restarted after the summer break. The Christians in Mazères continue to grow in their knowledge of God and how to live for Him. The group there are very attentive to one another’s needs and work together well.

The second year of the group in l’Union added a new person. We are having very in-depth and open discussions about Jesus and how He is the only Savior. Being on the front line and seeing the Holy Spirit move and work in ways we can’t imagine is exciting!

For the second year, John, Philip and Amanda and I have the privilege of going to the home of a Christian family that lives about an hour from us. There is no church in the area. John or Philip has Bible study with the mom and dad, and Amanda or I do a class for the 4 children. This past year the oldest child has trusted Jesus as Savior. What a privilege to share the Gospel and how to live it out wherever we are!

The hostess of the study in Mazères has had a burden for some of her friends who are English speakers. She asked if it would be possible for us to do an English-speaking study. Of course! It has been a blessing to see how God works!

Another new outreach is with a family that lives about 3 hours from us. I believe that John has shared how we came into contact with them. The lady continues to grow and bloom in her faith.

Lots of things have changed over the course of the year, but one thing is never changing: God’s immense love for us and the privilege of sharing it here in France! Thank you!

Judy Hatcher

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