Thanksgiving Conference Recap [Monday Evening]

Our 58th Annual Thanksgiving Conference began this evening at New Hope Baptist Church in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Pastor George Sledd who pastors Jordan Baptist Church in Sanford, Florida, and also serves as Treasurer for BFM, was the first speaker. His text was 1 Corinthians 3:1-6 about the sowing of seed, nourishing of seed, and obtaining the increase of what’s sown and nourished. Below are some notable quotes:

Only God can give the increase. The very heartbeat of God has an evangelistic rhythm–a soul-winning rhythm. 

Are you interested in growth? To grow, you must plant. 

Increase means to be greater. 

The harvester is not greater than the planter. (vs. 8)

God has planted you where you are now. Delight yourself in the Lord. (Psalm 1:1-3)

Grow up. Do greater things. Increase means glory to God. 

He gave the example of Adoniram Judson who had one convert in 5 years, 18 in 10 years, and thousands at his death. Robert Morissey had one convert in 7 years. Other examples included Noah, Jeremiah, and Jonah.

Isaiah 9:7- The increase of His glory!

He also read a poem called “The Bridge Builder.There is a new generation coming up after us. God is preparing someone to take the place of those who have been faithful.

Pastor Denny Herndon from Immanuel Baptist Church in Riverview, Michigan preached from Matthew 13, using the parable of the sower scattering seed.

One seed has the plan of God. (Matthew 28:19)

A seed needs three things:
1) Proper food
2) Water
3) Sun/Son

To plant is to instill truth.

The Word needs to be taught.

Acts 20:17-28, 31 | Titus 2:1

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