Spring Conference 2022 Videos

Videos from our 2022 Spring Conference Sessions can be found on our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/BaptistFaithMissions. Special thanks to Grace Baptist Church of Fairborn, Ohio for capturing these and sharing with us!

[Click here for a YouTube playlist with all conference sessions.]

A brief report on the state of BFM activities, especially over the last calendar year of 2021 to present. Update presented by Directors Dave Parks and Jonathan Turner.
Session #1 from the 2022 BFM Spring Conference featuring Harold Draper, former missionary to Brazil; Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky – “The Commitment to Gospel Purity”
Session #2 from the 2022 BFM Spring Conference featuring an update from Judson Hatcher, missionary to Brazil, and John Patterson – “The Obstacle of CRT/Wokeism”
Session #3, Part 1 from the 2022 BFM Spring Conference featuring a video call with Odali & Kathy Barros, missionaries in Northern Brazil.
Session #3, Part 2 from the 2022 BFM Spring Conference featuring Steve Wainright, BFM Director & Pastor of New Life Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky – “The Obstacle of False Teaching in Churches”
Session #4 from the 2022 BFM Spring Conference featuring Philip DuBarry, BFM Director and Associate Pastor of Addyston Baptist Church in Addyston, Ohio – “The Obstacle of Big Tech”
Session #5, Part 1 from the 2022 BFM Spring Conference featuring a video call with Roger & Julie Tate, missionaries in Kenya, East Africa.
Session #5, Part 2 from the 2022 BFM Spring Conference featuring Pastor Bruce Winner, “The Obstacle of COVID and Mandates”.

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BFM Outreach at CBTS National Conference

An Update from Pastor David Pitman, BFM Field Representative

We are thankful for opportunities to introduce BFM to new friends. We are available to present at conferences and at churches. In March, Jonathan Turner, Darrell Messer, and I met over 250 registrants at the first CBTS National Conference in Louisville, Ky. The conference was also live-streamed to an audience, in English and Spanish, averaging 150 viewers. Our 90 second advertisement, prepared by Philip Hatcher, was broadcast repeatedly throughout the conference and live-stream. We were delighted to meet Paul Washer who was first introduced to missions by our beloved Homer Crain, long time BFM missionary in Peru.

We were delighted to meet Paul Washer who was first introduced to missions by our beloved Homer Crain, longtime BFM missionary in Peru.
Directors Jonathan Turner and David Pitman
Director Darrell Messer
Chatting with conference attendees
BFM ad in the conference program

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BFM National Conferences Outreach

An Update from Pastor George Sledd

“Sheridan Stanton and I represented BFM at the annual 2022 Founders Conference in Fort Myers, FL over January 20-23. It was a great time of fellowship and hearing the Word of God. We were able to distribute nearly 100 BFM books/outreach handouts to those who came by our display booth. We are hoping that God will lead other pastors and churches to come on board to partner and help us with missions.”

Thank you to those who have given and to those who are giving to help with the expenses for these outreach efforts!

A close-up of the conference display booth
Sheridan Stanton & George Sledd, Directors of BFM, at the National Founders Conference in Fort Myers, Florida

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Spring Conference 2013 [Tuesday Morning]


The Spring Conference this morning at Thompson Road Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky.

Pastor Mark Pyles from Grace Baptist Church in Fairborn, Ohio delivered the message. His text was from Exodus 33 and he wanted us to see the great need of God’s people to see God’s glory.

Below are some nuggets of truth from his message:

The first thing we need to do to enjoy God’s glory is to strip ourselves of all worldliness. Some gifts from God we make idols–we must discard them.

We must commit to the place of His presence (vs. 7-11). Many go through motions of religious practice while making idols in our head. His presence is in the camp. His presence is outside the camp. (Hebrews 13:13) His presence is in the home.

Are you interceding for your nation? For the lost? (vs. 12-17)

The more you know Him, the more you want to know Him. (vs.18-23) Moses had seen more of God than any man at that point.

God proclaims His goodness by proclaiming His sovereignty. 

God answers Moses’ request by giving Moses what he needed, not what he asked for. God hid Moses in the cleft of the rock. We are hid in Christ, our Protection and Safety!

Why didn’t God show Moses His face? His face represents His whole being. (2 Corinthians 3:18)

We will be transformed from glory to glory. A metamorphosis! Changing from glory to glory to glory.

We see the glory of God by seeing people saved. We see the glory of God by seeing believers being obedient and in the Word. 

When the glory of God is revealed, we will see the enemy attack.

Do you desire to see the glory of God?

We hope you can join us tonight! [Schedule]

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Thanksgiving Conference Recap [Tuesday Morning]

Our 58th Annual Thanksgiving Conference continues this morning at New Hope Baptist Church in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Pastor Dan Hillard from East Keys Baptist Church in Springfield, Illinois delivered the 9:45 morning message from Mark 4:26-29 concerning “The Work of Grace in Our Soul.”

1. There must be a sower.
We don’t have to grow weeds; the earth grows weeds like man’s heart grows weeds and wickedness.

We need to sow seeds of the Gospel. Sunday School teachers plant seed–they are the first to cultivate the ground!

2. There is much beyond our comprehension. [Mark 4:27]
Some seeds germinate. Some don’t. Why?
It’s the same with the Gospel: God gives the increase.

3. There is much beyond our control.
-Growth [Lamentations 3:26; Jeremiah 29:11]
-We are to sow the seed. Rely on God and we will not die until we become fully grown. [Mark 4:29]

Pastor Peter Santisteban from Victory Baptist Church in Russellville, Kentucky preached from Ephesians 2:11-22.

Why do churches plant in all kinds of soil?

1. Because of the authority God gave us. [Mark 16:14-20]
2. Because of authority He gave us. [Luke 24:42-49]
3. Because of antichrist spirit. [1 John 2:18-23]
4. Because of the awesome calling of God. [Acts 15:36-16:5]
—–Be humbly led by the Spirit. [Acts 16:6-11]
5. Because we have an amazing foundation. [Acts 10:36-43; Ephesians 2:20; Isaiah 45:18, 22] 

Pastor Raul Bergerman from West Griffin Baptist Church in Griffin, Georgia preached the final morning message from Luke 16:19-31, “The Message of Missions.”

1. Hell is real.
2. The Rich Man did not go to hell because of money.
3. These two men were Jewish.

The rich man did not want to hear. We have the responsibility to go and preach. They have the responsibility to respond.

The Gospel according to Abraham

The Rich Man’s plan was to send Lazarus back from the dead and they will believe. That won’t work. God’s plan works. [Acts 2:41; Acts 4:4] Preach the Word!

[Click to view a clip from Bro. Raul Bergerman’s sermon]

You can find all the Thanksgiving Conference Recaps by clicking here.
You can give to our Thanksgiving Offering by clicking here and typing “Thanksgiving Offering” in the Memo field. 

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Thanksgiving Conference Recap [Monday Evening]

Our 58th Annual Thanksgiving Conference began this evening at New Hope Baptist Church in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Pastor George Sledd who pastors Jordan Baptist Church in Sanford, Florida, and also serves as Treasurer for BFM, was the first speaker. His text was 1 Corinthians 3:1-6 about the sowing of seed, nourishing of seed, and obtaining the increase of what’s sown and nourished. Below are some notable quotes:

Only God can give the increase. The very heartbeat of God has an evangelistic rhythm–a soul-winning rhythm. 

Are you interested in growth? To grow, you must plant. 

Increase means to be greater. 

The harvester is not greater than the planter. (vs. 8)

God has planted you where you are now. Delight yourself in the Lord. (Psalm 1:1-3)

Grow up. Do greater things. Increase means glory to God. 

He gave the example of Adoniram Judson who had one convert in 5 years, 18 in 10 years, and thousands at his death. Robert Morissey had one convert in 7 years. Other examples included Noah, Jeremiah, and Jonah.

Isaiah 9:7- The increase of His glory!

He also read a poem called “The Bridge Builder.There is a new generation coming up after us. God is preparing someone to take the place of those who have been faithful.

Pastor Denny Herndon from Immanuel Baptist Church in Riverview, Michigan preached from Matthew 13, using the parable of the sower scattering seed.

One seed has the plan of God. (Matthew 28:19)

A seed needs three things:
1) Proper food
2) Water
3) Sun/Son

To plant is to instill truth.

The Word needs to be taught.

Acts 20:17-28, 31 | Titus 2:1

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