2013 BFM Spring Conference

We welcome you to join us for the

53rd Annual Spring Missions Conference
April 22, 23, 24 | 2013

Hosted by Thompson Road Baptist Church
320 Thompson Road | Lexington, KY 40508
Dave Parks, Pastor-Teacher  |  859.223.8374 | daveparks @insightbb.com
Conference Theme: “O Lord, Revive Your Work”
O Lord, revive Thy work in the midst of the years…!
– Habakkuk 3:2 –

Monday Evening, April 22
5-6:00 pm     Supper

7:00 pm         Praise
7:15 pm         Pastor Harold Draper
                         Seventh Street Baptist Church | Cannelton, IN

8:00 pm        Praise
8:20 pm        Missionary-Pastor Harold Bratcher | Lexington, KY
                         53½ years of faithful service in Brazil; Relocating to States

Tuesday Morning, April 23
9:30 am         Praise

9:45 am         Pastor Mark Pyles
                          Grace Baptist Church | Fairborn, OH
10:25 am       Break
10:30 am      General Seminar/Workshop
“O LORD, REVIVE YOUR WORK!”  | And the hand of the Lord was with them: and a great number believed, and turned unto the Lord. [Acts 11:21]
                          Ladies’ Seminar conducted by Alta Hatcher
Veteran Missionary to Brazil
12:00 noon    Lunch
1:30 pm          Open Forum for Q&A/Suggestions & Advice

Tuesday Evening, April 23
Special recognition and appreciation will be expressed for John & Alta Hatcher and Harold Bratcher during this session. 

5-6:00 pm     Supper
7:00 pm         Praise
7:15 pm         Missionary-Pastor John A. Hatcher | Urai, Brasil
                         Marking 58 years of faithful service in Brazil

8:00 pm        Praise
8:20 pm        Missionary-Pastor David Hatcher with John A. Hatcher
                         History and Progress of the Lord’s churches in Manaus, Brasil and beyond

Wednesday Morning, April 24
9:30 am         Praise
9:40 am         Pastor Carl Morton
                          Berry Baptist Church | Berry, KY
10:20 am       Praise

10:30 am       Pastor Jeff Hurst
Calvary Baptist Church | Hurricane, WV
11:10 am       Break

11:20 am       Pastor Mark Campbell
Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church | Salyersville, KY
12:00 noon    Lunch

Wednesday Evening, April 24
5-6:00 pm     Supper

7:00 pm         Praise
7:15 pm         Pastor Richard Westfall
                         Hardman Fork Baptist Church | Normantown, WV



Every year we conduct sessions for the children [age 4 through grade 5] who attend our Conference services.  Sis. Debbie Parks conducts these learning and activity sessions.  Each year, we focus on a particular nation of the world, highlighting its culture and customs along with their need for the Gospel and opportunities to take the Gospel to those peoples.  This year’s theme nation is BRASIL

Our Children’s Center is always set up with crafts and activities which engage the children’s attention and interests in the missions lessons.  

A Word document of a full conference packet is available for download here:
53rd Annual BFM Spring Conference

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