Spring Conference 2013 [Wednesday Evening]

The Spring Conference came to a close tonight with hearts stirred for the work of the Lord to be revived. 

The final session opened with two congregationals: Blessed Assurance and And Can It Be? followed by three specials: Be Thou My Vision, His Eye Is On the Sparrow, and I’m Feeling Fine.

Pastor Richard Westfall from Hardman Fork Baptist Church in Normantown, West Virginia, brought the final message from Nehemiah 4:1-6. Before he got into the text, he shared how the Lord has taken him to school over the past few years by facing some health problems of his own and also by waiting by his son’s bedside 29 days in ICU after an auto accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury. “Sometimes in this life all you have is your faith–and that’s enough.” God answered the many prayers of his children to restore Bro. Westfall’s son! 

Sometimes in little churches, preachers feel almost like Hospice workers instead of pastors. It may be that the Lord has paused, but He’s not quit working. It’s not His fault if things aren’t getting done. 

“For the people had a mind to work.” –Nehemiah 4:1-6 
When we wonder why the work is slow, could it be because we’ve become weary in well-doing? We must guard against becoming weary. Sometimes we don’t feel like we’re making a difference. But we ARE making a difference. His Word won’t return void. The problem is, we have become so obsessed with the results we think we ought to get. The Lord has not called you into the work to have results. His work will ALWAYS have results if we faithfully do what He has told us. His work will always accomplish something. 

We must deal with wrong thinking. You’ve got to get your mind right! 

Ways to get your mind right so you can continue in the work: 

  • Renewed Mind (Romans 12:1-2) Have we let our devotions become rote, routine, and dull? If you want your mind renewed, you must cleanse it continually with the Word of God. The garbage thrown at you by NBC, CBS, ABC, and and FOX will taint it. When we get in the muck and mire of this world, it becomes hard to keep our feet shod with the Gospel of peace (Like stepping in muck in a bog–you can’t keep your shoes on.)
    Pastors: Is the only reason you spend time in the Word to prepare your message? Read the Word for the pleasure of your soul. Read God’s Word recreationally as well as devotionally.
    As the Lord gives light, we can walk in the light. Don’t let the devil rob you of joy by trying to exist on the garbage of the world.  
  • Willing Mind (1 Chronicles 29:5) Who’s willing? “I just need a little ME time.” No, you must take up your cross daily and follow Him. We rush and tear through our days and then wonder why the Lord isn’t working. The eternal souls around us depend on us being willing to take the Word to them. Ezekiel sat in the midst of the bones. We must compel them. It’s not compelling to have the lights on and the doors unlocked. We must be willing for Him to use us to accomplish His work. He’ll do what it takes to get you to the point where He’ll use you–or He’ll take you out.
  • Seeking Mind (Luke 15:4-10) Maybe your wallet is important to you, but it’s not nearly as precious and valuable as the souls around you.
  • Humble Mind (Romans 12:3) Don’t think you’re some big thing. (Philippians 2)
    This is not about you. This is about Jesus. And if it’s not about Jesus, then it’s a waste of time. 
    Am I serving the Lord out of a pure heart for His glory or am I cutting deals with God? This is worshiping the Lord, not Storage Wars. The best deal ever is that He calls you to serve maybe 80 or so years and then takes you to live with Him for eternity. It’s not about what you can get out of it, but what you can do out of appreciation for the One who’s done everything for you. 
  • Focused Mind (Colossians 3:1) We allow our minds to stray from the important things to the temporal things. What do you think about? What do you occupy your mind with? Don’t we spend a majority of our time thinking about earthly things that won’t matter in the long run? Then we get aggravated when something eternal comes along. We must look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. He’ll lead us straight as we look to Him! (Like plowing a field…)
  • Above all else, we must have a Compassionate Mind (Acts 16:9). Has our hearing become so dull that we don’t hear the lost all around us crying “Come and help?” Are we so busy in our little lives that we’ve lost our ability to hear them? 
Pray for God to rekindle our zeal. May God help us all to revive His work in us. 
After singing Rescue the Perishing, Pastor Dave Parks reminded us that the real effect of the conference is what we do tomorrow. We expect our missionaries to write and report what they’re doing–what if it were reversed?

Oh may God revive His work! 

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Spring Conference 2013 [Wednesday Morning]

The final day of the Spring Conference has begun in rainy, stormy Lexington.

After singing a special, Pastor Carl Morton from Berry Baptist Church in Berry, Kentucky, brought the first message from Jeremiah 38:6–What to Do When Sinking in the Mire. 

“Fear not” is mentioned 365 times in the Bible–one for every day of the week.

Things Satan did to sink Jeremiah: 
1) Turned people against him
2) Tormented his mind with depression (Jeremiah 20:14-18)
He was ready to quit ministry (Jeremiah 20:7-9)

Things the Lord used to pull him out the mire: 
1) He used the brethren (Jeremiah 38:7-9)
Jeremiah has a friend he didn’t know was working on his behalf. 
2) There is help in the Book. (Jeremiah 20:9)
3) There is healing in the balm. (Jeremiah 8:18-22)
There is only one place to get the balm in Gilead (exalted ground). The balm comes from the balsam tree which has to be wounded. Anyone can come to that tree for healing. 

He closed his message by singing “The Old Rugged Cross.”

Pastor Jeff Hurst from Calvary Baptist Church in Hurricane, West Virginia, preached at 10:30 a.m. We also might add that he was wearing a suit–he never wears a suit except to hitch and ditch. 😉

He opened by showing a picture of “Starry Night” by VanGogh. How many stars are in the sky?

“And He brought him forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them: and He said unto him, So shall thy seed be.” (Genesis 15:5)

Was God lying to Abraham? Did Abraham receive this promise in his lifetime? (Hebrews 11:12-13; Galatians 3:26-29)

God’s redemptive plan is massive!

We look at the valley of dry bones. (Ezekiel 37:1-2) If anything is lasting, it must be by the hand of the Lord. It starts with the hand of the Lord. We want the bones to come to us, but He takes Ezekiel to the bones. You have got to be led out by the hand of the Lord. We are more concerned about our reputation with the righteous than reaching out to dry bones. “I am a recovering Pharisee,” Hurst admitted.

“Son of man, can these bones live?” (Ezekiel 37:3) “And I answered, O Lord God, Thou knowest.” Can the community around you live? The bones responded to the Word of the Lord. (Ezekiel 37:4-8)

Don’t be satisfied with cleaning the outside, for inside are dead men’s bones. To make a believer takes a short time. To make a disciple takes a long time. Don’t stop short. (Ezekiel 37:9-12)

There are people in this community whose graves are ready to be opened. 

The purpose? “And you shall know that I am the Lord.” (Ezekiel 37:13)

Can these bones live?

Pastor Dave Parks remarked after his sermon, “There are bones all around here.”

Pastor Mark Campbell from Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church in Salyersville, Kentucky, delivered the final message before lunch from Habakkuk 3:2.

This was a prayer and he is pouring his heart out to God. Lord, Your work needs to be revived! God’s work never suffers. He is sovereign and His will will be accomplished. We need to be faithful. We need a revival of doing His work.

“In wrath, remember mercy.” We are products of the mercy of God. If you are going to do the Lord’s work, you must have a heart of mercy.

In Acts 18:1-11, Paul is simply doing the Lord’s work. He was simply being faithful and thus doing the Lord’s will. Paul waited to be moved by the Spirit to do the Lord’s work. The Lord directs our steps–sometimes specifically and sometimes not.

In Acts 18:9, we don’t read that Paul was afraid, but he was told not to be afraid. God gives us courage to do His work.

He has much people and He protects us also. (vs. 10) Paul persevered. The conclusion is that the Lord’s work is going to be done–it’s just who’s going to get the reward. (vs. 11) “Thank You for giving to the Lord. I am a life that was changed.” (view lyrics)

May the Lord revive His work in your heart and in my heart.

The conference ends tonight with the final service beginning at 7:00. We hope you can join us! [Schedule]

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2013 BFM Spring Conference Theme & Featured Offering


Habakkuk 3:2:  “O Lord, revive Thy work in the midst of the years…!”


Habakkuk prayed this desperate prayer to God in very troubled times.  Bad times from all fronts were upon them and worse times were coming.  Disasters and calamities of all sorts were impending and threatening.  The spirituality and fervor of the kingdom of God was at low ebb.  What they needed above all else was a movement of the Spirit and power of God!

We are facing similar times in our own day – and we, too, need a serious, massive infusion and revival of the power of God in our personal lives, in the ministries of our churches, and in the ministries of our missionaries who are so faithfully serving Jesus Christ in the nations of the world.

Our commission and mandate from Jesus Christ is still urgent and pressing upon us.  The challenges and prospects of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are still operative.  But, we must experience a true Heaven-sent revival of commitment and passion if we are to respond to the needs of our world in an effective way.

God’s Hand is not weakened that He cannot save.  The Gospel message is still the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes.  Jesus Christ still commands us to follow Him to the ends of the earth with His Good News.  The “Hand of the Lord” [Acts 11.21] is still working with us – if we will give ourselves to Him.


  • A revival of crying out to God for His intervention and work – chapter 1.1-5
  • A revival of confidence in the Word of God to speak to us and through us – chapter 2.1-3
  • A revival of living by faith and abject dependence upon God – chapter 2.4  [And, of course, this ‘faith’ is FAITH IN CHRIST AND HIS GOSPEL]
  • A revival of seeking God’s Glory in our service and among the nations of the world – chapter 2.14
  • A revival of humble worship before the Presence of God – chapter 2.20
  • A revival of desperate praying to God – chapter 3.1-16
  • A revival of rejoicing in God and before God regardless of the circumstances in which we serve or the inconveniences we are given to suffer – chapter 3.17-19

And – the need and call to God for these and all other graces we must receive from Him goes on and on – not only in this message for Habakkuk’s time, but all throughout the annals of Scripture and the generations of history…right up to this present moment and day.  “O LORD, REVIVE YOUR WORK IN THE MIDST OF THESE YEARS!”

We want and need – and pray to God for – REVIVAL in our mutual missionary endeavors.  We have deep needs, but God promises us that ‘the gates of hell shall not prevail against’ His churches and the mission He has committed to us to fulfill.


WE ENCOURAGE CHURCHES TO PAY YOUR PASTOR’S [AND HIS WIFE] TRAVEL EXPENSES TO ATTEND THIS CONFERENCE.  It will give them the opportunity to enjoy what is always a much-needed physical and spiritual re-charging for your church’s ministry. They will come back to you with a greater burden, zeal, and enthusiasm for missions.

We use these Conference occasions to highlight what God is doing around the world through our missionaries…and update our missions partners concerning their ministries…and also stir up all of us to greater interest, investment, and involvement in our mutual missions endeavors.

Will you take the lead to ask your church to do this for your pastor, our missionaries, and your church?

Thank you for your friendship and especially for your fellowship in missions.  We hope to have the opportunity to fellowship, pray, worship, and seek God together with you during this Missions Conference.  Please make every effort you can to come and share this occasion with us.



Our greatest need continues to be increased supplies for our GENERAL FUND.  Our GENERAL FUND offerings provide for all the commitments we have made to our missionaries.  For example, every month, we disburse AT LEAST $46,034.54 from the GENERAL FUND just for the Essential Maintenance Transactions [EMT] which supply the essential and basic ‘living expenses’ commitments we have made to our missionaries.  These include their salaries, standard ministry expense allowances, hospitalization premiums, and the publication of their newsletters we print and send to you each month to report on their ministry activities.

And, that is not including also the expenses paid for from the GENERAL FUND which finance the other commitments and benefits they receive each month or periodically through the year as they are due.

WE DO NOT ASK THEM TO ‘RAISE’ THESE SUPPORT FUNDS FOR THEMSELVES.  But, if monthly GENERAL FUND offerings are not sufficient to cover those disbursements, then we have no choice but to NOT GIVE THEM those same monthly commitments proportionate to the current deficits in GENERAL FUND monthly offerings.  That is why we are always emphasizing THE GENERAL FUND offerings.

And, as most of you know, beginning in January 2013, we gave our missionaries a much-needed and long-overdue 5% increase of their monthly salaries.  We are now one quarter into the year, and our monthly GENERAL FUND supplies are running very close.  We have always made our commitments to our missionaries BY FAITH and ‘AS THE LORD SUPPLIES.’

So, we are asking you to give as generously as you can to our Conference Offerings which we will use to replenish their GENERAL FUND supplies for their essential living and ministry expenses.

If you cannot attend the Conference, but still want to give a gift, send it to our Treasurer:

Pastor George Sledd
P.O. Box 471280
Lake Monroe FL 32747-1280

Or, you can contribute online either by check/debit or by credit card securely on the Donate/Support page of our website. Enter your designation for SPRING CONFERENCE OFFERING in the Memo field.

SPECIAL NOTE: We are blessed to have in attendance for this Conference both of our longest-serving and most-veteran missionaries: John and Alta Hatcher and Harold Bratcher. They will both be preaching during this Conference and we want to give them special recognition during the Tuesday evening service and express our profound respect and appreciation to them for their faithful and fruitful service to Jesus Christ in fellowship with Baptist Faith Missions. We encourage you to join us for that service!———————————-

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2013 BFM Spring Conference

We welcome you to join us for the

53rd Annual Spring Missions Conference
April 22, 23, 24 | 2013

Hosted by Thompson Road Baptist Church
320 Thompson Road | Lexington, KY 40508
Dave Parks, Pastor-Teacher  |  859.223.8374 | daveparks @insightbb.com
Conference Theme: “O Lord, Revive Your Work”
O Lord, revive Thy work in the midst of the years…!
– Habakkuk 3:2 –

Monday Evening, April 22
5-6:00 pm     Supper

7:00 pm         Praise
7:15 pm         Pastor Harold Draper
                         Seventh Street Baptist Church | Cannelton, IN

8:00 pm        Praise
8:20 pm        Missionary-Pastor Harold Bratcher | Lexington, KY
                         53½ years of faithful service in Brazil; Relocating to States

Tuesday Morning, April 23
9:30 am         Praise

9:45 am         Pastor Mark Pyles
                          Grace Baptist Church | Fairborn, OH
10:25 am       Break
10:30 am      General Seminar/Workshop
“O LORD, REVIVE YOUR WORK!”  | And the hand of the Lord was with them: and a great number believed, and turned unto the Lord. [Acts 11:21]
                          Ladies’ Seminar conducted by Alta Hatcher
Veteran Missionary to Brazil
12:00 noon    Lunch
1:30 pm          Open Forum for Q&A/Suggestions & Advice

Tuesday Evening, April 23
Special recognition and appreciation will be expressed for John & Alta Hatcher and Harold Bratcher during this session. 

5-6:00 pm     Supper
7:00 pm         Praise
7:15 pm         Missionary-Pastor John A. Hatcher | Urai, Brasil
                         Marking 58 years of faithful service in Brazil

8:00 pm        Praise
8:20 pm        Missionary-Pastor David Hatcher with John A. Hatcher
                         History and Progress of the Lord’s churches in Manaus, Brasil and beyond

Wednesday Morning, April 24
9:30 am         Praise
9:40 am         Pastor Carl Morton
                          Berry Baptist Church | Berry, KY
10:20 am       Praise

10:30 am       Pastor Jeff Hurst
Calvary Baptist Church | Hurricane, WV
11:10 am       Break

11:20 am       Pastor Mark Campbell
Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church | Salyersville, KY
12:00 noon    Lunch

Wednesday Evening, April 24
5-6:00 pm     Supper

7:00 pm         Praise
7:15 pm         Pastor Richard Westfall
                         Hardman Fork Baptist Church | Normantown, WV



Every year we conduct sessions for the children [age 4 through grade 5] who attend our Conference services.  Sis. Debbie Parks conducts these learning and activity sessions.  Each year, we focus on a particular nation of the world, highlighting its culture and customs along with their need for the Gospel and opportunities to take the Gospel to those peoples.  This year’s theme nation is BRASIL

Our Children’s Center is always set up with crafts and activities which engage the children’s attention and interests in the missions lessons.  

A Word document of a full conference packet is available for download here:
53rd Annual BFM Spring Conference

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