Praying for the Quaresma Family

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The Hensleys have served the Lord in Brazil, South America since 1996. They have worked with orphanages, started mission points, established churches, and are presently conducting a seminary to train Brazilian pastors.

July 21, 2022

Dear friends and family,

We have not been able to go to Brazil this month, so I thought I could tell you about some of the people that are near to our heart.

Most of you all know that our daughter Mary Katherine has come down to Brazil to visit quite a bit. In these years of her visiting, God has given her a Brazilian husband. They have two children, Chelsea Isabel (13 years old) and Ashley Mayara (11 years old).

Walmir and Mary Katherine

Each of them have health concerns. Walmir (pronounced Valmir) her husband has been diagnosed with thinning of the cartridge between the femur and the pelvic girdle. The doctor has told him that if could not begin weight training, he will have to have surgery in two years. He is having pain with that. Mary Katherine has been diagnosed with glaucoma and is on two pills to bring down the pressure, but during this time, they have discovered that her optic nerve is dying. This means that her field of vision is shrinking. Optic nerve death usually comes after glaucoma, but hers has come before the glaucoma.


Chelsea was diagnosed two years ago with spina bifida occulta in the L5 S1 juncture. Because of this, she has scoliosis in her anterior vertebrae, and they are slipping forward. She just had an MRI and they say that her condition is stable because she is doing physical therapy three times a week. But with all of this, she is in constant pain.


Ashley Mayara has also been diagnosed with scoliosis in her upper back and is experiencing pain with this. Because of this, she is not sleeping well, but when she can sleep she has nightmares and then does not want to go back to sleep. She will have an x-ray in the upcoming weeks to measure the curvature of the spine. But this is not the greatest concern for her. For over two years, she has been having a crisis with vomiting. You can imagine the extent of the tests she has had to go through to try to discover what is wrong. But with all these, none of the doctors accept any of the diagnosis. The latest diagnosis indicates that she has food intolerances, and I don’t mean just a few. It would be easier to tell you what the child can eat than try to name all those that she cannot. Mary has been cooking special recipes for her and she has gone without an event for eight months until two weeks ago. She has now been vomiting for two weeks straight. She has been in the emergency room more than not as they give her IVs to keep her hydrated and medication to stop the vomiting. She is scheduled with a GI specialist next week. We are praying that this time they can discover what is going on so she can have some relief.

So I bring this family to all our readers so all can take them to God and ask for healing. That will release them to work more diligently for the Lord in Caragua Baptist Church in Caragua, Brazil.

The Quaresma Family

Thanks in advance for all the prayers that will be going up for the Quaresma Family there in Brazil.

In His Service,
AJ & Barb


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