God Uses a Blackout to Shine the Light of His Gospel

Bobby, Charlene, Jessie, and Brennen Wacaser have served the Lord as church planters in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, since 1985.

July 12, 2016

Dear Friends,

Projeto Vida was in two towns recently that are virtually unreached by the Gospel. I want to share two amazing things the Lord did to open the door for reaching folks who otherwise would not hear the message of Christ.

First, after our team got set up to begin their public presentation of skits and testimonies in a local park, they could see that in every house people were sitting inside with their TVs on, not showing any interest in coming out to see or hear what was being offered. Then, all of a sudden, the electricity for the entire neighborhood went out! The only light or sound that could be seen or heard was where they were presenting the Gospel. The Projeto Vida motorhomes are equipped with gas-powered electric generators and the team had light and music and was ready to begin their presentation. The local blackout continued, so the neighbors began to leave their homes and make their way over to the park to watch as the teams shared the gospel through music, skits, testimonies and preaching. At the end of the presentation, several dozens of people made public professions of faith in Jesus Christ. When the leader of the team was speaking individually with one neighbor after the event, the lady said that she had been praying for her city to come to Christ and it didn’t seem like anything was happening. She prayed that the Lord would send along some help in reaching her neighbors and they rejoiced in believing that God had sent the blackout as an answer to prayer so that the Gospel would be heard.

Another event occurred that also showed God’s power at work. One of the other outreach teams was getting set up outdoors to give a public presentation of the Gospel when heavy rainclouds moved in and threatened to drench the event. We have seen God act in many ways and we know that He is not obligated to do what we tell Him. But, we also know that He has taught us to pray and to expect that He will answer according to His will and for His glory. The team paused to pray before deciding to dismantle all the equipment that could be harmed by rain. They sensed that God wanted them to continue with the program and so they did in faith. The Lord blessed to hold the rain back throughout the two-hour presentation. At the final invitation to surrender to Christ, several people professed that they had accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. After the team dismantled and stored the equipment the rain began, and hard, and did not quit for 3 days. God is so good and powerful.

We are excited about being really close to being able to purchase our first passenger van to replace one of our burdensome travel buses. Several folks have contributed toward the purchase of the first of what we hope to be four vans to carry on the outreach ministry more efficiently. We thank each one of you who has contributed and we hope that very soon you will be able to hear about the first mission journey of that first van.

In God’s love,
Bobby Wacaser

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