Missionary Support Partnership: A New Generation of Missionaries


We are fervently beseeching God to call and raise up A New Generation of Missionaries from our churches. We are appealing to all our partnering churches to join with us in this ministry of supplication. We have prepared this written appeal to express our “heart’s desire and prayer to God.”

However, at the same time, we also recognize that we cannot commit to and assume administering financial support funds for additional missionaries under the current support plan we have implemented since our inception in 1942 – that is, disbursing all our financial commitments to our missionaries from our General Fund contributions. We are currently maxed out with our levels of monthly General Fund ‘in-come’ and our committed support disbursements, or ‘out-go.’

Therefore, we have adopted a new, more mutually-shared, support plan for “A New Generation of Missionaries” the Lord will allow us to partner with going forward. We are calling it our “Missionary Support Partnership” plan.  Read here for a fuller, more detailed explanation of why this plan is needed and how it will work: “Missionary Support Partnership – Feasibility and Viability”. And here is a table itemizing how the support responsibilities will be more mutually-shared among the partners in this endeavor: “Missionary Support Partnership – Document of Understanding.” Please read these papers and pray with us that God will multiply and increase our effectiveness and impact among the nations of the world for the Glory of Jesus Christ!

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