A Time of Transition


The Tate Family has served the Lord in Kitale, Kenya since January 2008. Their main ministry is church planting.

July 27, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I get the privilege of writing this update in much closer proximity to you than I normally do. As I write this, I am sitting at my daughter Emily’s dining room table in Detroit, Michigan. I am here for a short visit to bring Amy back to the States to commence her university career. Julie has had to stay back in Kenya with Josiah (who will be doing this same thing next year at this time) and Chloe.

So, yes, Amy has graduated from high school at Rift Valley Academy where she has attended and boarded for the last five years. This is a very traumatic time for all of us, especially Amy. It is traumatic for the rest of us because Amy will be leaving us for who knows how long. Her Mama has already hugged her neck and kissed her cheek for the last time in a long time and in a couple of weeks I will do the same before I board a plane to return to Kenya. This is harder than you might think for us. In fact, I think it might be the hardest part of being a missionary—leaving your kids in a place on their own 10,000 miles away. We don’t like it and we mourn and lament having to do it. But it is even more traumatic for Amy. She says goodbye to everything that is now familiar—Goodbye to RVA, goodbye to friends, goodbye to her (almost twin) brother, goodbye to her house, goodbye to Kenya, goodbye to her pets, goodbye to her mama and in a couple of weeks goodbye to her daddy. She returns to a country that is foreign to her. Amy has lived in Kenya since she was 7 years old. She knows Kenya. America, she doesn’t. When she starts school at Cedarville University in Ohio everything will be foreign and unfamiliar. Everything will be strange and uncomfortable. And everything she has left behind will be far, far away. In the last six years Amy has spent less than a month in the States. Please pray for all of us but especially Amy as she makes this transition. We know she is in God’s hands but it hurts us so much that first our precious Emily has left Kenya and now our precious Amy is also leaving. Lord, may you bless my dear children with your presence in their lives. Bless them with your love, your grace, your protection. Draw them close to you and close to your heart. Be the Father to them that I cannot be and may they always know that you are near.

Having left Kenya for a month I have, out of necessity, left the Upper Room Baptist Chapel on its own as well. This brings a bit of anxiety and trepidation into my heart as well. I don’t know what the state of the Chapel will be when I return. I’m sure every minister, pastor and missionary deals with this same anxiety when they are away. Will the ministry survive while I am away? Will there be anybody left at the chapel when I return? Will I be starting all over again? Will the dear people coming to the Chapel stick it out in my absence? Is the ministry there strong enough to endure my absence? These are all questions that obviously concern me.  I have worked hard to start the Chapel and the Chapel people are precious to me. I want to continue to watch them grow in Jesus Christ and I want them around when I return to Kenya. I have to entrust them to the Lord’s care, believing the Lord will care for them. But I also know that they are good and strong Christian people and I DO trust that they will be around when I get back. In my absence they will continue to meet together at the Chapel, to worship the Lord together and to study the Bible together. I trust that when I return, they will be an even stronger knit together group of Christian believers than when I left. Because, after all, it is not my ministry, but it belongs to Jesus. They are not “my people” but they belong to Jesus. It is not my work it is Jesus’. He cares for the work and the people even more than I do. Into his hands I commit them. They are in safe hands.

Until next month, beloved.

May God’s peace and joy be with you.
For the glory of God in Kenya,
Roger & Julie Tate (and Amy, Josiah & Chloe)

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Missionary Update: Jud & Raquel Hatcher in Brazil [May 2015]

Jud and Raquel Hatcher serve the Lord in Manaus, Brazil. They are part of the “SeedFactory” church planting initiative, which is a movement to plant churches in all 26 Brazilian capitals. Since 2006, 43 churches have been started in 5 states.

A few weeks ago, a family in the church (Dyego, Thamires and their 14 month old son) found out the she was 20 weeks (5 months) pregnant. The following week the mother had complications and the doctors suggested an abortion. The baby was expected to die before completing full term. While at the hospital, the mother went into labor and the baby was born prematurely at 21 weeks.  Baby Laura Victoria was born with 22oz. Twice, she had resuscitated procedures within the first 24 hours of life out of the womb. Uncertain if the baby’s vital organs were developed to survive without the breathing machine, the doctors gave no hope. One doctor stated, “At this point, we literally need a miracle for her to live. Her lungs are not developed”. Well, guess what, she is alive and well. She is now 3 weeks old, all of her organs are perfectly formed, is breathing on her own and is gaining weight. Praise the Lord! Please, pray for this little baby and the family.

Laura Vitoria

Laura Vitoria

Last Sunday, Dyego (baby Laura Vitoria’s father) invited all of his extended family to come to Mothers’ Day service to give thanks and celebrate the baby’s life. Four generations of the family were present and one of the uncles surrendered to the Savior. I believe there are still more to surrender as well. Pray for salvation decisions.

This month’s pastors’ network gathering was a great success. Each month we meet at a different church and this time we held it at “Life Seed Baptist Church”. My brother-in-law was the guest speaker. We discussed a church planting strategy used in China, India, Kenya and Honduras.

One of the churches in the network is in the process of relocating to a better location within their neighborhood. We took up an offering and began a fundraising campaign among the sister churches to come up with the $50,000 to purchase the property.

I am in the process of passing the leadership “baton” of the Pastors’ Network to another pastor. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, May 26. Pray with us regarding these matters.


Some of the folks at Ativa

Some of the folks at Ativa

The pastoral leadership at our church plant “Ativa: uma Igreja Batista” (Active: a Baptist Church) is well underway. The pastor and his wife were received with open arms by the church and are excited about the future. Everyone is enthusiastic with the Evangelism and discipleship strategies for reaching new people. This next Sunday’s baptisms will be under the new pastor’s leadership. In June, we will finalize the legal transition necessary with government offices. Pray for us as we work through this process.

In July, we return to the US for a one-year State-side assignment and plan to live in Lexington, KY. You can reach us at (859) 544-9040. Let us know how we can serve you and your church.

Grateful always,
Jud Hatcher

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Missionary Update: Paul & Wanda Hatcher on Furlough from Brazil [September 2014]

Paul and Wanda Hatcher have been serving the Lord together in Brazil since 1974. Paul pastors Tabernacle Baptist Church in Manaus, Brazil. Their main ministry is church planting.

Paul and Wanda Hatcher have been serving the Lord together in Brazil since 1974. Paul pastors Tabernacle Baptist Church in Manaus, Brazil. Their main ministry is church planting.

August 30, 2014

Dear Friends,

Blessed be the one and only true God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Each new day we are richly blessed in Christ, therefore we rejoice and are glad in Him. Certainly the Lord has provided each and every need and that with much abundance.

We are thankful to God for our friends and the help provided. We moved my mother-in-law, Mrs. Willa McGary’s furniture from Kentucky to Florida. I Thank the Lord for Pastor Ronnie Stinson Jr. and members of Trace Creek Baptist Church, Mayfield, Ky, who helped load the moving van. I then drove to Moultrie Ga. to pick up furniture donated to Dad and Mom, John and Alta Hatcher, by our dear friends in Georgia. Our special thanks to Katie and Curtis Samples who coordinated all the collection of furniture and utensils and refurbished much of the furniture. Bro. Curtis Samples and Larry Hood re-managed and loaded the furniture donated in Georgia. Katie came to Florida for a week to help unpack and get things set up. Arriving in Florida, the Chapel Baptist Church family and Pastor Cris Luppino helped unload and carry furniture and boxes; it happened to be the hottest day of the year in Florida. Many answered prayers and so many dear friends praying. Thank you for your prayers. God is always good and gracious, His mercies endure for ever.

We all, Dad, Mom, Willa, Wanda and I, had a great time at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Mims, Fl – Pastor David Humphreys. I am thankful for the opportunity to minister the word in the morning and evening worship times. The church had dinner on the church grounds. The food was delicious and we had time to fellowship, visit and talk about God and the great things He is doing here in the States and in churches in Brazil.

God bless each of you. Thanks for your prayers and generous support to the work of missions in Brazil; may God be your great reward. We pray for you that your remembrance and knowledge of our Lord, the only true God, may abundantly increase in wisdom and discernment, that your trust and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ may be steadfast always, and that the love of his Holy Spirit may fill and overflow in your every word and action, with thanksgiving to God though Jesus Christ our only Lord and Life.


Paul and Wanda

Paul and Wanda Hatcher
15905 Mercott Court
Clermont, FL 34714
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