Fine Tuning Presentation and Praying for Next Term

Nathan and Carrie Radford serve the Lord in Kitale, Kenya. Their main ministries include indigenous church planting, a prison ministry, and a hospital ministry for mothers with premature babies.

Dear praying friends,

Another month has come and gone, and we are now into the month of March. Time passes so quickly and the weather of spring is already beginning to start in the state of West Virginia. We had a cold spell for several days this past month and our electricity even went out several times. We are thankful for the nice, sunny weather that is coming ahead.


I (Nathan) have been in the process of contacting churches to speak for furlough. I worked hard on my missions dvd this past month, got it finished, and am waiting for the final copies to arrive soon. I have also been working on my missions presentation, so it has been a busy past month. Our new prayer cards are also finished, so I am thankful for all the accomplishments of the past few weeks. Please pray for me as I am working on fine tuning my missions presentation, and that God would receive all the glory. Please also pray that churches will begin to open up and get back to some normalcy after all the challenging months of coronavirus. God is in control.

My wife Carrie has been busy with homeschooling our daughters. She is doing a great job, although it can be overwhelming at times. Education is no small matter, and she wants to ensure that she is doing her best and that our daughters are getting schooling materials that will prepare them well for high school and university. Please pray for her for strength, wisdom, and guidance as she prepares for each year.

Kenya is still getting hit with the coronavirus. I saw also that Tanzania, which is right next to Kenya, is also seeing a surge in its cases. They are many medical challenges all over Africa at the moment, so would you please pray for the continent of Africa in general? That the doctors, nurses, and medical facilities would not be overwhelmed, that a treatment/vaccine would come quickly, and that those who have contracted the virus would be recovering and healing. Hopefully things will start to get back to normal in the coming months. 

Please also pray for the young men that I hope to train in our next term. Please pray that God would lead me to the right men for ministry, those that are hungry for the Word of God, have a servant spirit, and desire to see others discipled and churches started. Matthew 4:4 says But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” Amen. May we be hungry for the Word of God, and allow it to feed us each day spiritually. Also, consider Matthew 23:11 “But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.”  A servant spirit is something I desire in my students, and I am trusting God to lead me to these men in His plan.

We will be sure to keep you updated. Thanks so much for your prayer support, letters of encouragement, sacrificial giving, and interest in the work of God in Kitale, Kenya. You each are such a blessing.

Until next month,
Nathan & Carrie Radford

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Nathan and Carrie Radford
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Evangelism, Discipleship, Sharing Life Together

Jud and Raquel Hatcher serve the Lord in São Paulo, Brazil. They are part of the “SeedFactory” church planting initiative, which is a movement to plant churches in all 26 Brazilian capitals. Since 2006, 43 churches have been started in 5 states.

September 21, 2019

Dear friends,

We have had a great month. Keep reading.

This week Sarah is participating with her school team in a Basketball Tournament in Brasilia (the nation’s capital). The teachers and students are staying in host homes of the organizing school. We were excited to hear of the news for Sarah to join the team in this trip – Sarah was elated. It is a great opportunity to connect with new people and for her to shine the light during the games. Sarah’s team won the game this morning and classified to participate in the finals this afternoon. They travel back to São Paulo tonight. I am sure to hear about all the details of the trip on our way back from the airport later on tonight.

All of our kids are doing extremely well in school – Report cards show mostly “A”s. Going to school is definitely a highlight for our kids and we are extremely grateful that our children are experiencing an incredible academic and athletic life at the Pan American Christian Academy in São Paulo City.

The Maria Virginia Baptist Church officially voted and approved a new pastor this month (I suggested his name as a candidate). I have enjoyed serving this beloved church as their interim pastor. I will continue in this capacity until the new pastor arrives in January 2020.

Imagine Baptist Church is doing well. We had a great dinner party last Thursday evening. Raquel decided to make tacos and taco salad. The majority of them had never eaten Mexican food before. Doing life together is an important part of this ministry. There is a lot of sharing about life’s difficulties, joys and how Christ guides us through each situation. It is a blessing to see how the Lord is working in the lives of all these people.

Hope Baptist Church is always fun, not that it does not have its challenges. Over the last few weeks, we were able to get a toilet bowl and a kitchen sink donated for a needy family. They were so grateful to receive the items.

Several evangelistic events occurred throughout the month with many decisions. We had a one-day women’s conference and next month we have a big youth gathering. We are currently in a teaching series in 1 John. It is interesting to see how so many people are engaging in talking and asking questions. There are 11 people currently being discipled with the book “Oneness with God” written by my uncle David Hatcher.

Our musical training is moving right along. Vocalists and instrument players are improving. Everyone loves the musical growth.

Tomorrow we have an all-day children’s ministry training seminar. Raquel is leading the sessions. She is ready and excited. We start with a hearty breakfast at 8am and dive into the content at 9am.

Grateful always,
Judson Hatcher

Judson & Raquel Hatcher
(859) 544-9040
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Road Improvements, New School Wing, and Discipling

Nathan and Carrie Radford serve the Lord in Kitale, Kenya. Their main ministries include indigenous church planting, a prison ministry, and a hospital ministry for mothers with premature babies.

February 1, 2019

Dear praying friends,

We are now in the month of February, and there are many things to update you on. We ask that you would please pray for us in the areas provided, as there are some things we need prayer for currently. Thanks so much to each of you for your heart for missions. We truly do appreciate you.

One prayer request we have currently is for the health of our family. There is work being done to tarmac one of the main roads in Milimani, where we reside. This is actually a very good thing and will bring many improvements, such as removing the potholes from the roads, reducing the amount of dust in the air, providing smooth transport for those in Milimani, etc. It is always challenging to drive in rainy season, as the roads are mainly hard forms of mud and when it rains, the vehicles go over the road, creating big ruts and potholes. Now, with the tarmac (hopefully to be completed by March this year), this will be greatly reduced. However, a big problem is the amount of dust created from digging up the road and smoothing it. McKenna and I both struggle with asthma and this dust is making it worse. McKenna has had to miss some school days, so we would appreciate your prayers not only for us, but for all those within the Milimani area. Please pray that they would conclude the tarmac project on time, as this will be a great help.

Please also pray for the new school wing that my wife and daughters are involved with. There have been some bumps along the way, as is expected, so please pray for the beginning of the school, for the teachers, the parents, the students, and the directors. Please pray that God would be glorified and all would be done for His glory. Please also pray for our daughters and the friendships that they are currently making. God is in control and we trust Him for all these things. I am reminded of 1 Corinthians 10:31, which says “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”
I (Nathan) have been discipling a younger Kenyan, Emmanuel, in Milimani. He has done very well so far through the course and is volunteering to lead once a month in a home group Bible study. I think there are around 14 families attending this study, so this is a big step for him and a great way to reach multiple families. Emmanuel has given very positive feedback to the course so far, so please pray for him as he now plans to start teaching others. This is the model I wish to pursue currently, to train, disciple qualified Kenyan men who God will raise up, who in turn will go to teach others. This reminds me of the model given in 2 Timothy 2:2, which says “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” One of the key phrases in this verse is “faithful men.” I would covet your prayers for God to raise up “faithful men” who will go and teach others.

Something that has been emphasized to me (Nathan) while training is to work with employed young men, ages 20-30. Why? I have been told from several people that have lived here for years that youths don’t have the same level of expectations to receive material items from the missionary. This doesn’t mean that there are not some expectations, but hopefully they will be reduced by working with youths. Hopefully this will help with the dependency issue some. Also, to work with those that have jobs. Why? Because those with jobs already have taken the initiative to provide for their families and have a strong work ethic. This also should help some with the dependency issue. So, please, please pray for God to raise up employed young men to train. I would greatly appreciate prayers about this. I am willing to be patient and wait on the Lord to provide these kind of men. God will provide in His time.

We will be sure to keep you updated and we thank the Lord for each of you. May we commit ourselves fully to the Lord in 2019, serving until He comes.

Nathan and Carrie Radford

Nathan and Carrie Radford
P.O. Box 4150
Kitale, Kenya
East Africa 30200

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Outreach & Training in Mutirão

Odali and Kathy Barros served the Lord in Sao Paulo, Brazil together from 1987-2013. In late 2013, they transitioned to Manaus in Northern Brazil to start sharing the Gospel and planting churches in villages along the river.

September 14, 2016

Odali and Kathy Barros are reaching out to several different communities in Brazil.
The outreach stretches for eight weeks in three different communities.

Pictured below is a gathering in Mutirão where they had 150 people present.
The building pictured is 8 meters x 15 meters (~26 feet x 49 feet).

They are using this ministry to train some of their people and then plan to move it to cities far away. Pray for those serving and for those who will hear the Gospel!


Odali & Kathy Barros
Caixa Postal 1
Iranduba, Amazonas 69.415.000
Brasil, S.A.

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