Prepping to Teach Classes in New Term

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The Tates have served the Lord in Kenya since January 2008. Their main ministry is church planting.

August 10, 2023

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,

I completed my church planting class. It was one my all-time favorite classes to have taught at any level or any capacity. To see the students grow and change in their thinking and perspectives about church planting was a joy and pleasure. Last month I included Paul’s paper on church planting because it brought me such joy to read it myself. I will conclude my church planting class by briefly telling you about Joe (Not his real name. I have changed his name because these letters make their way onto the internet, and I want to protect him). Joe was in my church planting class. He hasn’t graduated yet but when he does graduate, he wants to return to his home country of India. He desires to go to the northernmost part of India where the population is almost one-hundred percent Muslim and Christians are not really allowed. The things we talked about in class will really help him in his endeavor and I pray that God empower him and protect him and that many Muslim people in northern India will hear the gospel and churches will be planted where there are currently no churches.

I am currently on term break from school but that doesn’t mean I am not doing anything. I am busy preparing for my classes for next term: 1) General Principles of Interpretation and 2) The Pentateuch. I have taught General Principles of Interpretation before, so I am just brushing up on that class. I have never taught the Pentateuch before so I am currently immersing myself into the books of Moses so that I can teach it to all these new students. Understanding the first five books of the Bible is crucial for being able to understand the rest of it. Genesis alone is foundation for the rest of the Bible. So, I see this as a very important class.

Julie was teaching computer class last year for elementary students at Rift Valley Academy. It is strange to think that she is teaching at RVA, a place all our kids graduated from and a place we have been so familiar with for the last fifteen years. Anyway, they loved her so much up there that she is now not only going to teach computers in the upcoming year, but she will also be teaching Swahili to the fourth to sixth graders. She is going to be busy, but she likes it. And we both view this as very beneficial ministry and missionary work – She is ministering to children of other missionary families who are working and ministering throughout Africa. As parents who sent all our children to RVA, we know the value and importance of the school. Without it, missionary families around Africa would be finding it very difficult to educate and raise their Missionary Kids.

Finally, for this month, I want to give a quick Chloe update. So far nothing has changed in the adoption situation in the country. We were hoping and praying that the new president would reverse the hiatus on foreign and expatriate adoption. Unfortunately, he has not. He still may reverse it, but it would take a specific mandate for it to change. The current situation won’t just “go away”. In the meantime, Chloe is almost nine years old now. She is currently going through Occupational Therapy at the Kijabe Hospital on a regular basis and has a teacher that comes from Nairobi to help her in her education. She is a sweet, loving girl and while she has a considerable amount of special needs, she is loved by God and us.

Blessings to all,
Roger, Julie, and Chloe


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