News & Reports – June 2016 [Online Edition]


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This is the first issue of our newly-revamped newsletter format.  It will be printed this way going forward. We think it will be more attractive, more inviting and easier to read, and that you will like it.

If you have been following our updates over the past several months, you are aware of the snags we have encountered to keep this periodical in publication and delivered to you.  The online issues have been composed and posted without interruption, but the printing and mailing of the newsletter – not so much. And, for that, we apologize again.

The primary reason for the interruptions was that we were not in compliance with USPS regulations for this periodical.  BFM uses a non-profit periodicals permit which allows us to mail at reduced rates. But, the Post Office requires us to comply with printing, addressing, and mailing regulations so their systems can sort, process, and deliver them efficiently.  We have not been in compliance, but we are now.

For all of these 70+ years these newsletters have been mailed, the work has been done by numerous volunteers – too many to name in this short space, but God has remembered each one by name!  But now, the regulations are just too complicated for volunteers to keep up with them and comply.  So, the Lord has sent a number of fellow believers who are professionals in this industry to advise us and get us back on this track.  We praise God for each one of them!

So, we are planning to be in your mailboxes and in your hands in a timely manner each month now – with the help of God and all the professional and generous servants He has sent our way to help us.

THE NAME OF THE PERIODICAL HAS BEEN CHANGED.  For all these years, the newsletter was called “The Mission Sheets.”  That was because when the first issue was produced and distributed, it was a mimeographed sheet. Then as other letters and reports were added, more sheets were printed. Hence, “Mission Sheets.”  But, we are reaching a new generation of readers and supporters, and few of them even know what a mimeograph machine was. And “Mission Sheets” has no significance or relevance to them, and we don’t have opportunity to explain what it means.  So, we thought it best to give our periodical a name which will instantly identify who we are, what the periodical is, and who it is about: BAPTIST FAITH MISSIONS NEWS & REPORTS. That is who we are, and that is what this periodical is.

PLEASE HELP US WITH YOUR ADDRESS.  Please check the address printed on this issue. Obviously, if you received this issue in the mail, then your address got it to you. If, however, your address needs to be tweaked, updated, or corrected in any way, please include both your present and corrected information, and send that correction to Steve Wainright.  His name and address [postal and email] appears in the information box in the upper left hand corner of page 2.  [Steve Wainright is one of our Directors, and he will be maintaining the mailing list database to be sent to the printer each month.]

IF YOU ARE READING THIS ISSUE EITHER BY ONLINE OR BY BULK MAILING TO ANOTHER ADDRESS – but you would like to receive your free personal copy via USPS mail, please send your name and address again to Steve Wainright as stated above.

IF YOU ARE A CHURCH AND YOU ARE RECEIVING MULTIPLE COPIES AT YOUR PRINTED ADDRESS – please note that we are no longer bundling multiple copies in envelopes as we have been. Now, we are sending the numbers of copies you have requested to the same address, but they will be addressed and delivered piecemeal.  Please count the copies you received and correspond with Steve Wainright if you need to change the numbers. We just want to be sure you are receiving what you want.

And, as always, we thank God for each one of you for your mutual partnership in this ministry – and ask on behalf of our missionaries for your continued faithful and generous support!

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