Depending Entirely on God’s Grace

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Raquel serves the Lord with her husband Jud and their family in São Paulo, Brazil. Their main ministry is church planting.

April 18, 2021
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I am glad I can write you in this special month, when we all take a special time to recognize and thank our mothers for who they are in our lives, for everything they taught us, and everything they did for us. My mother is someone I treasure very much; she has been an example of a faithful servant, a woman of prayer who depends totally on her Savior. I am so thankful for her life.

I am also thankful because in the last two months we celebrated four birthdays: my dad turned 80 years old, I turned 46, Sarah turned 16, and Benjamin turned 13. Now we have officially 3 teenagers at home, a little bit crazy at times; but in general, they are wonderful kids 😊.

The bad news is that Jud tested positive for COVID-19 on April 12, and I tested positive five days later. Our kids did the CPR test today, and we should receive the results in 48 hours. We are doing relatively well; we do have symptoms but nothing we cannot treat at home. The interesting thing is that for us not to develop severe symptoms, we must medicate ourselves, since here in Brazil most doctors only prescribe fever and pain meds. We suspect that is the reason so many people are losing their lives. In my appointment yesterday, when the doctor asked me if I was taking medication, and I answered, she got mad, told me to throw it all in the trash can because it would not do any good for me. But, my oxygen saturation was 100% and my lungs were totally clear, and I had no fever. We know, even among doctors/infectologists there are distinct opinions about prevention and treatment. Honestly, I believe we depend entirely on God’s grace and mercy and plan for our lives; we have no control about our outcomes, it is in His hand, and we must trust Him that no matter what happens He is going to be with us and provide for us and for our family.

One good news is that in the past year, God has opened doors for me to be part of an organization which works with Foster Care in families. Foster Care in families here in Brazil is something relatively new. It was only in 2004 – 2006 that it became a national public policy, and it was made a priority over institutional care. However, only 4% of children and adolescents are living with families, 96% are institutionalized. In 2018 there were 33,146 children and 8,686 were between 0 -6 years old (26%). In countries like US, Canada, and England, the statistics are the opposite, 96% of the children are placed in families, and only 4% are placed in institutions. Our desire is to change this sad reality, and open new services to offer kids the chance to have a family and to participate in community, since it is one of their most basic civil rights. Having said that, my prayer requests are a) that God give us human and financial resources to start new services in our city, b) Our family health c) and our children’s online education and all it involves.

I am so thankful for BFM, for all the churches involved, and for you who are reading this letter. Thank you for your support, for your prayers, your love, and your financial contributions. It means a lot to us, and it means a lot more for Jesus Christ.

Raquel Hatcher

Contact Info:
Jud & Raquel Hatcher
São Paulo, Brazil

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P.O. Box 471280 | Lake Monroe, FL 32747-1280
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Missionary Update: John & Alta Hatcher in Brazil [November 2013]

Missionaries John and Alta Hatcher have served the Lord in Brazil since 1955, planting over 70 churches that are still in existence.

November 1, 2013

Proverbs 31:10-31
The Value of a Virtuous Woman

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

God has touched my  heart to write a little about the value of godly women. Their value is far above that of rubies (Prov. 31:10). Dear sisters in Christ, please read Proverbs 31:10-31. 

This is a tribute to a godly missionary mother and wife. I was blessed by the letters written by our missionaries’ wives. I cannot speak for all the husbands, but I can speak with confidence about the two important mothers in my life: My mother who gave birth to me on April 30, 1925; and my wife, Alta, the mother of our five wonderful children, and our baby boy who was born dead in the village of Faro, North Brazil.

The conclusion to all that I desire to say is: The most vital element to great missions and great missionaries are godly wives and mothers. This is the testimony that God has given me in my life and I want to share with you. Alta and I went to Brazil in 1955. We had four children. Our last child, Kathy, was born in Brazil.

Alta is a school teacher. The first two years of our marriage she taught. When our first child, Lynn, was born she quit teaching since her job took her out of the home. When we started the school in Manaus, she taught English because she could take the children with her. Her life was dedicated to Deus as a wife and mother. Her life, dedicated to the Lord, produced five faithful Christian servants. Lynn, dedicated her life to teaching children with deficiencies and helping churches to help families with needy children. Our three sons, Paul, John Mark, and David are missionaries in Brazil in France. Kathy, our last child, is married to Odali Barros, a Brazilian missionary. In their ministry they have cared for more than 150 needy children as their own children.

Alta, their dear mother was the person God used to prepare their lives to serve Jesus. Proverbs 22:6 ” Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” She taught them to read the Bible, to pray and to witness. Her Bible teaching through their youth was their Seminary training. 1 Timothy 2:15 “She shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.” Alta’s life, through our children, has 200 years of ministry; I have about 70.

I thank the Lord for the wonderful wife He gave me. Proverbs 12:4 “A virtous woman is a crown to her husband.” 

Our children praise God for the wonderful mother He gave them. Proverbs 31:28 “Her children shall arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.” 

The future of our Mission Work depends on how you mothers permit God to use your lives. God bless you!

Our thanksgiving to you and our praise to Jesus our Lord,

John A. Hatcher

Caixa Postal 112
Urai, PR, Brazil 86280-000

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