FaithWORKS [September 2012]

Odali and Kathy are planning a Stateside furlough late November 2012.  They need to find some affordable housing to rent while here.  Can you help them either by providing a house or giving them referrals?  Correspond with them directly at odali_kathy @

The Tates continue to need a replacement vehicle for the one confiscated from them by the Kenyan government due to fraudulent registration when their former vehicle they bought was first imported into the country.  Special offerings have been given already, but more are needed.  Their home church, Emmanuel Baptist Church of Bellbrook, has given an $8425.00 offering.  Also, the East Keys Baptist Church, Springfield, IL [Dan Hillard, pastor] designated their $1000.00 Labor Day Missions Conference offerings to this need.  You can give to this cause right now on our Donations page. Please be sure to designate “Tates Vehicle” in the memo line. (You can also still mail in a paper check. Address info can be found on that same Donations page.) You can read more about the car situation here and or on the Tates’ blog here.

We have produced an attractive and informative brochure to present our missionaries’ ministries.  It will serve well as a centerpiece presentation to introduce, define, and distinguish the faithful missionaries who serve in partnership with BFM.  It is professionally designed and produced in full-color on a three-8½x11-pages spread-out format.

To view and flip through an animated version of the brochure, click here. You can help us reach out to introduce others to BFM by using this brochure when you tell them about us.

If you want copies of the brochure for yourself or to distribute in your church, contact the Secretary, Dave Parks, with your mailing address and the quantity you want.  You will find his address on our Contact page.

We have launched a new Facebook page.  We are updating many of our daily developments as they happen.  We are asking you to “Like” us when you visit the page.  It will help us get the word out about BFM to all the others who view your personal page.

Please pray to the Lord of the Harvest concerning what you can give to our THANKSGIVING OFFERING.  The THANKSGIVING OFFERING supplies the funds to provide for the many benefits and services we give our missionaries over the course of the year such as furlough expenses and the support services required to meet their needs.  We have 4 more months to complete the year, and from all indications, the remaining funds from last year’s THANKSGIVING OFFERING will not suffice to meet the funds yet to be disbursed for the services and benefits we commit to our missionaries.  PLEASE PRAY, CONSIDER, AND COMMIT TO GIVE AS GENEROUS OFFERING AS YOU CAN!

We also continue to need increased and faithful MONTHLY GENERAL FUND OFFERINGS to supply their monthly Essential Maintenance Transactions [EMT].  Those essential commitments amount to more than $45,000.00 every month.

$20,426.00 for their salaries;
$10,950.00 for their standard housing and ministry allowances;
$11,918.11 for their monthly hospitalization premiums;
$1722.50 for the printing and distribution of their monthly newsletters and reports in The Mission Sheets.  These disbursements must be made every month.  They must be supplied through your monthly GENERAL FUND offerings, or else we will be required to reduce either their salaries or expense allowances to make the monthly GENERAL FUND supplies / disbursements balance.

YOUR FAITHFUL AND GENEROUS MONTHLY GENERAL FUND OFFERINGS ARE SUPPLYING THESE NEEDS so they can maintain their daily ministries unhindered by shortages of funds and undistracted from their service by wondering what they will have to curtail to keep their ministries going.

We love you and thank God for each one.  All our offerings working together will keep them GOING AND GROWING for the Glory of God!

BFM ON YouTube
We are launching a BFM YouTube Channel to post videos to update you and provide clips from our missionaries and events.  You will find links to these YouTube clips here on our FaithWorks Blog page and also on our Facebook posts as we upload them.

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