Benefits of Reading God’s Word

Bobby and Charlene Wacaser have served the Lord as church planters in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, since 1985.

February 2, 2021

Dear Friends,

There is one good habit that I stumbled upon shortly after my surrender to Christ 43 years ago and that was to read the Bible through from cover to cover. I don’t remember that I set out to read it through even the first time back then, but a thirst to know more about the God who loved me enough to give His Son to save me motivated me to read on. After that first time, I felt that I knew Him better and that led me to establish the goal of reading it through yearly. There have been a few years that I fell short of that, but nonetheless, I learned more about my God and Savior and I find more to praise and worship Him for each time. 

One of the greatest benefits to me of reading the Bible through often is that the reader (in this case, I) discovers just how much God is in control of everything that is going on in the affairs of this world. This is true even when the events and circumstances for believers are drastic and horrible. I share this to say that I am greatly encouraged and excited about what is going on all around us, though a casual observer who doesn’t read God’s word, and isn’t aware of His sovereign power, might tend to despair and lose hope.

Certainly not all the events and circumstances are pleasant, in and of themselves. We have lost some wonderful people to COVID-19. My wife and I both suffered the discomfort of it ourselves. The political and spiritual climate of both Brazil and the United States is appalling. The apparent lack of justice and goodness in the highest places and the increase of violence and hatred on the streets of our cities pain me. But, because I have seen in God’s word how He governs all the affairs of mankind, using even evil to accomplish His good purposes, I rejoice in the midst of it all, because I am loved and cared for by Him. His word also gives me the message of hope and salvation to take to those people that He has put in the scope of my influence. I, and those I train, can offer true peace to them when all around they see despair. I thank God for the Bible, which is His means of communicating what He’s up to, both now and in, what seems to be, the daunting future. I am excited about what’s coming next because “I know Who holds the future, and I know He holds my hand.” 

A young couple just recently joined our outreach traveling team, Projeto Vida. Vitor just finished law school and his friends expected him to go into practice and make a bundle of money, but the Lord put it in his heart to go into fulltime evangelism. His wife, Loren, is nearly finished with college, but she is equally convicted that the Lord wants them to serve Him in this ministry. This weekend will be their first trip to minister with our team. They come to us from one of our sister churches where they served for several years in evangelism as parttime volunteers. We are so thrilled that they love and trust the Lord so much that they would walk away from a possibly lucrative profession to make God’s love known to many who have never heard. Please pray for them as we seek to support and encourage them in this vocation. 

I hope that you are finding God’s word to be your delight and source of encouragement in this new year. It certainly is to us.

Yours in Christ’s love,
Bobby and Charlene Wacaser 

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