News & Reports [August 2017] – Online Edition

The Online Edition of the August 2017 BFM News & Reports is now available at the link below. Read how God is working through the lives of our faithful missionaries and continue to pray for them. [Click here to read BFM News & Reports – August 2017]

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News & Reports – August 2016 [Online Edition]

You can catch your August 2016 BFM News & Reports before they even hit your mailbox! Read how God is working through the lives of our faithful missionaries and continue to pray for them. [Click here to read BFM News & Reports – August 2016]

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FaithWORKS Report [November 2012]

We are now receiving our 2012-13 Thanksgiving Offering. We will use these funds to provide support services and other periodic commitments we make to our missionaries over the course of the year. Last year’s Thanksgiving Offering was $56,365.38. Coming into November, we have only $3,735.44 of that amount remaining after we have provided the services and honored the commitments to our missionaries so far this year. It is essential that we give as generous an offering as the Lord enables you to give.

Our Lord Jesus Christ commands each one of us to personally participate in the
advance of His Gospel “into all the world” “to all nations”. There are two ways
each one of us can participate: [1] Go ourselves…in person – as our faithful
missionaries have done and are doing; [2] Give offerings to help them go – as in
Romans 15.24, 2 Corinthians 10.15-15, and Philippians 4.15-17.

PASTORS: will you open the opportunity for the members of your church to give
to this much-needed offering? Encourage them to personally participate in the
increase of the Glory of Jesus Christ in every nation where our missionaries are

GIVING FRIEND: will you personally give an offering to help supply our
missionaries’ needs over the next year? If your church is not receiving a
Thanksgiving Offering, you can send your personal offering via any of the means
provided on our Donate/Support page. Click here to make a one-time donation via e-check or credit card now. “BRING AN OFFERING…Psalm 96.8”

We hope you can attend November 19-21. Please be in prayer for this conference as well! You can find the program and other additional information in this post.

You can keep up with what is happening in BFM as it happens by logging on to our website regularly, and especially the FaithWorks blog page. As our missionaries write their monthly newsletters, they are immediately posted there as we receive them.

We are making daily posts there not only with our missionaries newsletters, but also with daily developments and updates. Bookmark the page and be in the know!

BFM EMAIL NEWS – we want to include you in our email bulletins. If you have not
signed up to receive our email reports, please do so by subscribing either through our
Facebook page, or by sending us an email at

will be posted on our website before it goes to the printer. We will post links to the PDF
Mission Sheets on Facebook and also via emailed BFM NEWS.

We also continue to need increased and faithful MONTHLY GENERAL FUND OFFERINGS to supply their monthly Essential Maintenance Transactions [EMT].  Those essential commitments amount to more than $45,000.00 every month.

$20,426.00 for their salaries;
$10,950.00 for their standard housing and ministry allowances;
$11,918.11 for their monthly hospitalization premiums;
$1722.50 for the printing and distribution of their monthly newsletters and reports in The Mission Sheets.  These disbursements must be made every month.  They must be supplied through your monthly GENERAL FUND offerings, or else we will be required to reduce either their salaries or expense allowances to make the monthly GENERAL FUND supplies/disbursements balance.

YOUR FAITHFUL AND GENEROUS MONTHLY GENERAL FUND OFFERINGS ARE SUPPLYING THESE NEEDS so they can maintain their daily ministries unhindered by shortages of funds and undistracted from their service by wondering what they will have to curtail to keep their ministries going.

We love you and thank God for each one.  All our offerings working together will keep them GOING AND GROWING for the Glory of God!

January 20-23, 2013
Hosted by Park Ridge Baptist Church, Gotha FL
Host Pastor, Ben Glover | 407.719.9861 |

Please make your plans to attend this Conference. We will be posting the
program and other additional information on our website’s Events page
and also on our FaithWorks Blog page soon!

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