Missionary Update: John & Alta Hatcher on Furlough from Brazil [May 2015]

Missionaries John and Alta Hatcher have served the Lord in Brazil since 1955, planting over 70 churches that are still in existence.

May 5, 2015

Dear Brethren and Friends:

This past month has been one of many special blessings of the Lord. To celebrate my birthday of ninety years our children planned a four day cruise. It was a marvelous four days of loving fellowship with our children and their spouses. God has given us a wonderful family and we praise Him.

We thank God for the wonderful BFM Mission Conference at the Thompson Road Baptist Church. The love shown in your fellowship, the messages, and the food and hospitality made it one of the best Conferences I have ever attended. Thank you, Pastor Dave Parks and People!

The life of a missionary is not always easy, but Jesus is always with us and gives us time for a smile from time to time. Sometimes these smiles come from the differences in the languages we learn. The other day I was in the line at an Hamburger shop waiting to make my order.  I was about the sixth in line.  The lady behind me sneezed.  I turned and said “Gazuntight”,  that I thought meant, “Bless you!”

“Thank you very much,” she replied, as she moved to the front of the line. “Oh, well,”  I thought, “you cannot win every time.”

Another smile was caused by a missionary who needed the toilet. The door was closed and he knocked lightly and a voice replied. “I am using the toilet.  Will be out in a minute.”   The missionary meant to say, “Me desculpe,”  (Pardon me, I am sorry.) But he answered, “Da-licensa!” (Let me come in.)  He erred slightly in his new language.

Then there was the foreigner who was learning to speak English.  Doing something that he asked permission to do. (“Excuse me.”) However, he said “Exqueeze me!”

“Thank you, Lord, for the little smiles that You permit to come our way.”

Sincerely in His Name,
John and Alta Hatcher

John A. and Alta Hatcher
15905 Mercott Court
Clermont FL 34714

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