Missionary Update: AJ & Barbara Hensley in Brazil [May 2016]

The Hensleys have spent nearly 20 years serving in Brazil. They have established a church in Caraguatatuba and mission points throughout the city. They have also recently started a seminary to train pastors.

May 11, 2016

How AWESOME is the God we serve!!!

Dear friends and family,
Every day I thank Him for the many wonderful blessings He bestows on us. There have been many blessings this month: To start with, we have completed our 4th semester of Seminary in Caragua Baptist Seminary here in Caragua and in the second location here in the State of São Paulo. Dr. Derek was with us for 3 weeks here in Brasil. In addition to the seminary, he did a mini revival here in Caragua Baptist Church and in Igreja Batista Nova Vida in Natividade da Serra. While here we have revamped the way the Seminary will be conducted. Instead of taking 2 years for the 4 semesters, we will now do 3 weeks of intense classes with 3 months of distant learning via computer. While he was in Natividade da Serra, he scheduled the first of these classes, and when he went to Orlanda, he scheduled the second place for this type of classes. We are planning our graduation here in Caragua for September/October. We started with 27 students and ended with 8 students. Several of those that did not complete the 2 years had moved because of lack of work here in Caraguatatuba.

05 May 2016 AJH kids 2 05 May 2016 AJH kidsWell, I don’t know how we could make it through a month without car problems. It is Barb’s car again. I was afraid it was the motor because it was using a lot of water; however, the mechanics are saying that it is something else. I hope it is something that costs less than a motor. Also maintenance on the bus brakes took a big toll on the budget, but through it all—with these roads and chug-holes—we are totally blessed. So here is one prayer request: pray for our transportation problems, bus, car, truck.

Well, I stepped out on faith and have had our church building finished outside. It was needing it because of the horrible wind-rain storms we have had. The rain came inside through the walls. With the stucco on the walls outside, we are ready for the next rain storms (hopefully).

In our Sunday School, we are running a campaign—4 weeks attendance in a row and three Bible verses memorized, you get a t-shirt with our church logo on it. What a great way to encourage the people to come and to advertise our church. Last week we had 97 in attendance. GOD IS AWESOME!!! As you can see from the pictures, lots have won their shirts already. Many thanks to those who helped purchase these shirts.

While our construction project is going on, I must refrain from working, so I must sit on the sidelines and supervise. This is harder for me than working, but to complete my recovery and be ready for the next step this is what I must do. We are planning on coming home the last of July or the first of August to start my radiation treatments. Actually I am (I think) doing great in recuperation from surgery.

Our Church is going great. Pastor Walmir is assuming the lead pastor’s role and I am moving to 2nd “lugar” (place). The people are accepting the change wonderfully.

So please pray for us as we are here ministering in Brasil. Pray for our health, car problems, bus repairs and our new Pastor and family as they begin to lead the Church. Though we are coming home we are still open for visits to see what God is doing here in Brasil. Call and come on down—we will turn down the sheets and leave the light on the front porch.

In His service,
Aj and Barbara

Aj and Barbara Hensley
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