Cooperating in this Missionary Support Partnership are:

  • The Sending Churches. The Sending Churches are the origin and catalyst for missions. As in the case of the church at Antioch (Acts 13.1-3), the Holy Spirit directed them to separate members and servants from their church for the work to which He [the Holy Spirit] had called them. Sending Churches make application to the Directors of Baptist Faith Missions to help with the support of the missionaries they want to send 1.
  • The Missionaries. The missionaries from the Sending Churches who are answering the call from the Holy Spirit make application for support along with their Sending Church to the Directors of Baptist Faith Missions.
  • The Supporting Churches and Individuals. There is a fellowship of like-faith-and-order churches and individuals who contribute to the mutual support of missionaries both from their own churches and other churches. These contributions are made to the Missionary Support Fund 2 of Baptist Faith Missions. Sending Churches and their Missionaries also participate by appealing to sister churches in their respective networks and fellowships to partner with them and with the other contributors to the Missionary Support Fund to help support the missionaries.
  • The Directors of Baptist Faith Missions. When a Sending Church and their Missionaries make application for support through Baptist Faith Missions, The Directors of Baptist Faith Missions review the applications for consistency with a mutually-agreed-upon Statement of Doctrine and Practice 3. Each applicant must also display good character and have experience in service that qualifies him to be an effective missionary.
  • Churches and individuals voluntarily support the missionary work by sending offerings to the Missionary Support Fund of Baptist Faith Missions. These contributions provide living and ministry funds for the missionaries who are approved for support through Baptist Faith Missions.
  • This fund is also used to provide housing, transportation to and from the fields, medical insurance, furlough expenses, and contributions toward retirement. These benefits enable the missionaries to concentrate on the primary mission to which God has called them.
  • Sending Churches and Missionaries associated with Baptist Faith Missions also assist with the responsibility of appealing for and raising these support funds to meet their needs. See Romans 15.24; Philippians 4.14-20; et. al.
  • Baptist Faith Missions sends receipts monthly and annually to each contributor and publishes a yearly accounting of all funds received and disbursed.
  • Baptist Faith Missions receives and distributes funds for the support of missionaries.
  • Baptist Faith Missions forwards appropriately designated funds to the work accounts of each missionary.
  • Baptist Faith Missions does the necessary bookkeeping for all of the services mentioned above and provides the necessary legal paperwork to satisfy the requirements of local, State, and Federal laws in the United States and the countries where the missionaries serve or plan to serve.
  • Baptist Faith Missions also publishes a monthly newsletter, BFM News & Reports. It contains letters from our missionaries and news about their ministries and needs and is distributed without charge to any interested church or person.
  • All of these services and anything else that is necessary is provided because of the cooperation of the churches, missionaries, Directors, and individuals who participate in this Missionary Support Partnership ministry.
  • All of this is possible through the services of the Directors of Baptist Faith Missions.
1 Baptist Faith Missions does not ordain, commission, send, or assign fields of service to missionaries. These ministries are the purpose of their respective Sending Churches. 
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