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June 3, 2010

Dear Brethren, Greetings from “I Can’t Believe How Much Rest I’m Getting in Lexington, Kentucky”. It has now been a month since we left Cruzeiro do Sul. Even though it has been this long, I am still not caught up on my rest. It was 8:00AM before I could drag myself out of bed this morning. Of course, the fact that the NBA playoff game wasn’t over until well after midnight didn’t help. Bev and I are thanking the Lord all day long, every day for the much needed rest.

The news from down home is exceptional. There have been over 20 saved each week since we left. Maybe I should stay away for a few years!

To balance that out though, there are always problems to work through even while I am away. One of our older churches is going through a split. Calvary Baptist only has about 80 members. 40 of them have left because the pastor refuses to let them work and grow. These members bought instruments, sound equipment, computer, video projector, building materials for expansion and begged to start at least one congregation, but the pastor would not let them do any of it. He said these were not his ideas, so no deal. Sound familiar? He must be an old time Baptist preacher! Anyway I started trying to help them before I left. They followed my advice and went to talk to him, but he is unbending. He says the church is “his” and it has to be his way. Sad. Anyway I am talking with one of our pastors almost daily to try and help them through this crisis. Pray.

Zico gave me a report on the medical mission trip down river in May. Our team visited Açaituba, Campinas, Nova Esperança and Santo Antônio on the lower Juruá. The church at Ipixuna dug in and really participated. There were 22 people saved. He didn’t tell me how many medical procedures were performed. Knowing the size of the villages and from past experience I can safely say that over 1000 dental and medical procedures were done during this clinic.

Before leaving Cruzeiro do Sul I sat down with my leadership to lay out and plan some of the next steps of expansion in the work. One of these plans was to start the next 2 chapels in town. One of these is in our own neighborhood (4 miles from the church building). The opening service was on Thursday, June 2nd at the neighborhood meeting hall. The other location is across and down river where we have several members and an estimated 5000 people, but no church. There have been 3 services in homes already. We do not have property in either of these places. They are going to wait until I get back home to start that process.

Well we are available to visit you and report directly on the work down in Cruzeiro do Sul.

You may contact us at the following numbers and addresses:

(859) 277-3716, (859) 230-3713 (my cell)

mdcreig@hotmail.com, beverly_creiglow@hotmail.com

1012 Balsam Drive, Lexington, KY   40504

We will be in the States until the middle of October. Please don’t wait until the last minute to invite us, because we really would like to visit as many of you as possible, but dates are limited. Hope to see you soon.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. God bless you as much as He has us.

In Christ, Mike Creiglow


In April of 2011, Hudson and Eliésio, who travel with me on most of my trips were along again for the longest mission trip that I have ever made on the Juruá River. We put my boat on the front of a barge and went downstream past Eirunepé to continue gathering data for the next waves of missions in our part of the world. After several days of barge life and sleeping in our tents in the hold of the barge we reached the mouth of the Juruá River. It took us 10 days to go 1650 miles. On a rainy morning we came out into the Amazon River. The crew helped us get our boat off of the barge and into the river. The long trip home began at noon.

We arrived at the first town at 5:30. The name of the town used to be Caitaú, but when it was given city status in 2004 the name was changed to Juruá. The population is just over 10 thousand. It is the only city on the right bank of the river. Cruzeiro do Sul and all the other 8 cities are all on the opposite side.

After getting set up for the night, our first task was to try to find a pay phone to let our wives know where in the world we were spending the night. All the phones were broken. A lady at a store said there was a working phone inside city hall and the night watchman would let us in. Sure enough! The guys insisted that I be first to call home. While I waited for them to make their calls I sat outside on the curb and struck up a conversation with the night watchman and another man.

They were both interested in what we were in their town to do. They answered all of my questions about their town and whether there was a Baptist church. When I asked about a church the one man was very helpful and was ready to take me to see the church location and fill me in on how the church came into being.

In the middle of his explanation he stopped abruptly and asked, “Do you know Pastor Roberto?” My answer was that actually I know several pastors by the name “Roberto”, so maybe yes or maybe no. After all, I am in a little town in the middle of the Amazon jungle, which I am visiting for the first time, and 1500 miles downriver from my hometown. What are the odds that I will know this Pastor Roberto? He went on to tell me that Pastor Roberto had left a few years earlier. Before he left though he had started the church. One of the locals with whom he had shared the gospel was a young alcoholic named Raimundo Nonato. Raimundo or “Nona”, as he is known by the folks, was saved and is now the pastor of First Baptist Church of Juruá. He then continued to talk about what great folks Pastor Roberto and his wife Jewel…..When he said Jewel, my jaw dropped and hit the curb with a thud! When my composure finally came back I told him that not only did I know Roberto and Jewel, but it was because of them that I was where I was and that I am saved.

Pastor Roberto is none other than the unforgettable and remarkable Bruce Lunsford and his wife Jewel.

Now let me tell those of you who have no idea of whom or what I am talking about, the background to this story and my shock that Friday evening.

In the mid 1950’s Dad moved us from Ohio to Florida. He and Mom were as lost as could be, but looking for that pot of gold at the end of a Florida rainbow. We had just moved to a little town called Sanford. One evening a man and his son came to pay us a visit. The man was a preacher from east Kentucky. His name: Bruce Lunsford. The son was James (Jamie). He and I hit it off immediately. We began our joint “life of crime” that very evening. Don’t ask! The stories are many and frightening. The main thing is that my Dad heard the gospel for the first time in his life that night. He was saved a few days later. Then a few weeks after that he was called to preach.

Not long after that Bruce and family moved to Brazil as missionaries. They served faithfully for many years. Initially they worked with Baptist Faith Missions. That is how my Dad and I became acquainted with BFM.

In 1960 Dad became a missionary. After a year in Manaus, Brazil we moved to Cruzeiro do Sul. Guess who moved to Cruzeiro with us. In fact Bruce was always afraid of flying and talked Dad into making the long journey on a paddle wheel steamboat. That little adventure took us 50 days! That was the first time I saw the mouth of the Juruá River. It was 50 years before I would go back again on this last long trip.

Bruce and family didn’t stay long in Cruzeiro do Sul. Jamie and I had those months to continue our life of crime and cement our life long friendship.

After those first years of missionary service in Brazil, Bruce returned to the US for a time of service as pastor in Kentucky.

During those years I began my own life as a missionary. I was called to the ministry in Cruzeiro do Sul, worked for a while on the rivers, later moved to the States for college, met Beverly, married and returned to Brazil in 1971.

Then, sometime in those first years of our new ministry, Bruce and Jewel moved back to Brazil. I knew he was somewhere in the Amazon River basin, but really didn’t know exactly where.

You can imagine my surprise to find out that he had worked for years in 2 towns on the same river where Bev and I have now worked for 40 years. We were 1500 miles of river apart, so close and yet so far. He started First Baptist Church of Juruá and First Baptist Church of Carauari. We hope to partner with these churches to continue spreading the gospel up and down the Juruá River.

Later that evening I went to visit Pastor Nona. What a great visit it was. You should have seen the look on Nona’s face when he opened the door at my knock and the first thing I asked him was, “Have you ever heard of a guy named Pastor Roberto?” We shared several big hugs and spent the evening sharing stories about the great Bruce Lunsford. Nona has a big picture of Bruce and Jewel in his living room.

Well Bruce has now moved again. He is with our Lord now. What a legacy he has left though. My family is eternally grateful to Bruce for sharing the gospel with us and with hundreds of others. My eyes well up with tears even now as I think of all the ripples of influence and change that have touched the lives of so many. Because Bruce Lunsford cared enough to look up a total stranger who had just moved to Sanford, Florida in that December of 1955 and share Christ with him, thousands of other lives have been changed for eternity.

It is just astonishing to see how our sovereign God intertwines the lives of His children. He never lets us be too far apart for too very long.

Thank you Robert Bruce Lunsford. Thank you God.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The time of our first furlough in the States is quickly drawing to an end.  In less than one month we will be boarding the plane to go back to Kenya and resume our ministry there.  I have finished visiting the churches and reporting on our work and ministry.  Thank you all for your overwhelming support.  We are now in “prepare to leave” mode.  We are packing up suitcases and luggage that we want to take back to Kenya.  We also have to pack up the house that we’ve been renting for the past five months and get it cleared and cleaned out in the next twenty days.  Time is running short now.  I can’t hardly believe that our furlough is over.  It seems like I just jumped off the plane in Dayton, Ohio and hugged my family and friends for the first time in over three years.  But that was really six months ago and now it is time to return.  For the most part I think we have prepared our hearts to go back.  We all want to get back because we know that Kenya is where God wants us but it will be difficult to leave the States again.  Julie reminds me of the good and bad in our return.  The good is that we are a bit more experienced and have already lived there for three years so the overwhelming fear and trepidation we felt when we left in January 2008 is not there this time around.  However, because we have already done this before we also know some of the difficulties that await us in Kenya and we also know exactly what we will miss from the States.  So, I don’t know if all that makes it easier to leave this time or more difficult.  I can’t speak for my family but I think for me this time is a little easier.  But it will still be hard.  I have thought of returning to Kenya many times in the last six months but a few days ago I was lying in bed trying to sleep and had my first heart flutter of panic when I thought of returning.  It’s just that it’s so close now.  Please pray for us over the next few weeks as we once again make these many transitions.  Especially pray for my wife and children.  Uprooting them over and over again is very hard and stressful on them.

Pray also for our church planting ministry, beloved.  I want to start churches that start other churches that start other churches and so on.  I want to build “reproduction DNA” into a church from the moment it starts and is organized so that it will from its conception be thinking how they can take the gospel to the next village and start another church, reproducing itself into another assembly of the Lord Jesus Christ.  By the time I return in three years I want to see at least a 3rd generation church started.  That’s a church started by a church which was started by another church which I started.  That is what I will be training them to do from the beginning and with God’s blessing and the working of his Spirit, it can be done.  A 4th or 5th generation isn’t out of the question either, if God is pleased to bless in this way.  Oh, that we would see the Lord work like this.

Until next month, beloved.

May God’s peace and joy be with you.

For the glory of God in East Africa, Roger & Julie Tate (and Emily, Amy, & Josiah)


Rua Manoel Valdomiro de Macedo, 2281
81170-150 Curitiba, PR  Brasil
Phone: (813) 436-9980
E-mail: robertmw@brturbo.com.br
June 13, 2011
Dear Friends,
In my last letter I had asked for prayer for wisdom to deal with some errors being committed by my former co-pastor. He had worked beside me for 7 years and I felt confident that he would remain faithful in following the Word as he led our former church. My hope was that with some counsel he would correct the course in which he was leading the church, but unfortunately, that was not the case. It won’t bore you with all the details, but the most grave was that he deceived the church into involvement in a “land grab”, in order to plant a new church. That property belonged to the state and an organized group was illegally setting up a sub-division of the land trying to force the government to grant them legal ownership. A loyal member of the church asked the co-pastor if what they were attempting was legal and he tried to find a way to explain it as being “the normal way” for lower income families to obtain land.
Instead of correcting the course in which he was leading the church, he began to form a group of sympathizers within the church and caused a vicious split.  We are now dealing with the discouragement and hurt that the faithful and loyal members are suffering from this terrible event. Please pray for me to be able to minister to those who are hurt and to know how to best guide the church through this crisis.
Thankfully, not all news this month is bad! At our new church we held an event for married couples in the home of a couple who attends regularly. There were 11 couples present and 2/3 of them are non-church goers. Our team did an excellent job of preparing for this event and all those who attended gave positive feedback and two couples even asked if they could host our next couples’ event. One other positive response to this event was that an un-churched couple asked me when and where we have church services so that they might attend. I told them that they would be very welcome, but that we didn’t have windows, doors, a floor, plaster on the walls, bathrooms or proper lighting. They said they knew that, but wanted to come anyway. It has been between 30°F and 40° at night for the last 3 weeks and still they want to come. We are thankful and will be praying that they and others also will come to the services and come to Christ.
We are thankful for the funds we received for one of the doors/windows I mentioned in my last letter. We still have 13 more windows and 5 more doors to pay for if you would like to contribute toward their purchase. The average cost for each window is around $325, or a total of $5850 remaining. In the meantime, we still continue to hold weekly meetings in our unfinished building knowing that many servants of the Lord have much less to enjoy than we do all over the world. You may contribute by designating your offerings “Wacaser – Doors/windows”.

Thank you for your prayers and concern,
In Christ’s love,  Bobby, Charlene and Brennen Wacaser


John and Judy Hatcher
Tournefeuille, France

June 9, 2011
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We hope this finds you enjoying the Lord’s blessings.  We thank God for your faithfulness in praying for us and giving to provide for our needs as we proclaim the Gospel here in France.  The grace of God has been evident in a number of ways during the past month.  Here are just a few delightful examples to illustrate this reality.
Just after we wrote to you last month, Judy and I departed on a lengthy trip to baptize in Southern Spain.  We made a safe trip of more than 1600 miles.  What a joy it was to see the Lord at work in this family.  We met the Correa family after they moved into our neighborhood 5 or 6 years ago. They showed an interest and began studying the Bible with us weekly.  This went on for 3 yrs.  They moved away without making professions of faith.  However, their daughter-in-law was saved and baptized during that time and continues to serve the Lord faithfully.
I continued having Bible studies with them using the internet and this past April Rosana said that her son and she wanted to get baptized. The both made a profession of faith and followed the Lord in baptism.
As I write this letter, Judy is at a ladies Bible Study in the city of L’Union.  For the first time this particular Bible study is being held in the home of Veronica, a lady who just began attending recently. She asked that the Bible study be held in her home because the lady who usually hosts is out of town. This lady has not yet made profession of faith, but she has started reading her Bible daily and asks Judy to help her understand what she is reading.
And, speaking of reading the Bible.  A good number of the folks who attend the services in Tournefeuille on Sundays have committed themselves to read through the Bible this year.  One of them is a lady named Paulette.  She has been coming for about three years. Last Sunday, she brought her cousin Aline, a lady in her seventies who lives in eastern France.  Aline has come 3 or 4 times with Paulette when she was in town visiting her.  Sunday, Aline told me after the meeting that she thought it was time for her to convert and find a church near her in Lyon.  She said, “Paulette has been talking to me for about 3 years and I have been reading the Bible and discussing it with her.  I think that it is time for me to convert.”  What excites me about this is not only Aline’s desire to trust the Lord, but Paulette’s witnessing.  It gives evidence that she is truly a disciple and that is why we are here: to make disciples.
Aude is a young lady that was saved while student in the United States that looks to us for instruction and encouragement.  She has worked it out for us to meet her parents and witness to them.  She lives in Brittany which is quite a distance from Tournefeuille.  Last week was her birthday and Judy called to wish her happy birthday and to encourage her.  Aude reported some great news.  For some time she has been witnessing to Sylvie, a shop owner in her area.  She goes to the shop during the quieter times of the day and reads the Bible and discusses it with Sylvie.  Sylvie has trusted the Lord and wants to get baptized!
This coming Saturday is another one of our youth meetings.  One of the teenagers who comes has trusted the Lord and is going to get baptized Sunday.  Nathalie, the mother of two boys that come ask if Manon could give her testimony about trusting the Lord and why she is getting baptized.  Nathalie thinks that it would be very good for her boys to hear the testimony.  We are very encouraged by the dozen of young people who have come to the meetings.  We want to see all of them saved.
I have mentioned in past letters that I joined a choir in our area to have opportunities to witness to people in the choir.  This has given me many opportunities to talk about Christ.  One lady and her daughter have shown a good interest and said that they would come. It seems that one thing or another has kept her from coming.  But, the story gets better.  Mireille and her son, who live across the street from us, also sing in this choir. They went to hear me sing once and liked it so much they decided to join the choir.  Sunday, as our meeting was over, Mireille came across the street to see if Dominique,  the lady who had promised to come had indeed shown up. Mireille said, “I think she is a little scared of coming by herself the first time.  Next time I will come with her to keep her company.” When Mireille and her family first moved in across the street from us, she told us that she was an atheist.  Her parents and her entire family are atheist.  Of course, this is true of nearly half the people who live in France.  We have often witnessed to them and pray for them continually.  Mireille is now convinced that there is a God and that He has intervened in her life.  We anticipate the day that she makes a public profession and follows the Lord in baptism.
It sure is great to have a front row seat as God is at work!  Thanks for helping us be here!  One day you will also meet these folks in that numberless multitude!  I am moved to tears just writing about it.
In France with God, John and Judy


Mailing Address:

Sheridan and Anita Stanton

Apartado Postal 140

Huanuco, Perú

Vonage phone: 859-514-0929

sestantonperu@hotmail.com – Sheridan

arstantonperu@hotmail.com – Anita

June 10, 2011

Dear friends and family,

Our son, Joshua, is home safe and sound from his deployment in Afghanistan.  Thank you all for your prayers on his behalf.  He is back with his family in Nevada at the Air Force base where he is stationed.  Anita and I will be flying out to see him and his family next week.

At present I am at my daughter, Leah’s, house in Westerville, Ohio while Anita is spending a few days with her sisters. We finally got to see our new granddaughter, Clara, and spend a few exciting days with Jack, our only grandson.  We built a birdhouse together and went fishing.  He caught his very first fish, a “whopper” as he called it!  Grandkids are fun; we are looking forward to spending a few days with our other two granddaughters next week.

We started this short trip visiting with my father, Ralph Stanton, in Dickson, Tennessee.  As you may remember his prostate cancer has spread to his bladder and kidneys and he is too weak for any type of treatment.  He also has early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  Needless to say he is not doing very well, humanly speaking, but we know that our heavenly Father has a time appointed for all of us.  Dad is a born-again believer in Jesus Christ and anyone that has spent much time with him knows he will be in heaven when God calls him home.  We are thankful to have had this opportunity to spend time with him and Mom while he is still sufficiently lucid and able to visit.  On good days he can be helped out of bed with a special lifting device, and then he is capable of sitting up for a few hours.  He felt good enough one day for me to give him a haircut, once we got him into his wheelchair.  God’s grace is holding Mom together during this time.  My younger sister, Nancy, is doing an amazing job taking care of Mom and Dad.  My folks have a house on Nancy’s property, in the country, near Dickson.   Nancy and her husband, Gary, along with their grown children are able to be with them every day and see that their needs are taken care of.  We are so thankful for God’s provision for Dad and Mom during these trying times.  The Lord made a family before HE ever made a government or a church.  The family is the most basic and important unit of any society. Destroy the family and churches and societies will soon crumble.  I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity be a part of the Stanton Family.  Please remember to pray for Mom and Dad and my sister, Nancy and her family.  Thanks.

Anita and I celebrated thirty-seven years of marriage on June 7th.  We had the pleasure of spending four days at the Inn Keepers Ministry in Lewisburg, Ohio. If you are in fulltime ministry you should check out innkeeperministries.org.  It was the most relaxing time we have had in a long, long time.  All missionaries should spend some time there when in the States.  Pastors should also take a break once in a while!

Before leaving Peru, I had the joy of baptizing Edward Gomero, a young man I lead to the Lord a few months ago. While being discipled we have noticed a genuine attitude of repentance on his part.  The change has been quite radical, from a former abusive husband and heavy drinker to a faithful, excited witness for Jesus.  He wrote a gospel tract himself and the day before we left he asked if he could pass them out to people passing buy the church building before and after church services.  A testing of his faith is headed his way as all new Christians will experience sooner or later, so please pray for Edward and his wife and kids.

Mother’s Day is a very big event in our churches in Peru.  This year, despite our limited space, we had a packed house with several first time visitors at the Calvary Baptist Mission. The visitors were mostly mothers coming to see the program the youth had prepared for them. Many heard the saving gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time.  Everyone had a great time.  Anita and I are looking forward to getting the new building underway for this work just as soon as we get back.  We plan to spend father’s day with my dad and then leave the next day.

Frequently, we are asked how we can receive support and for years it has always been by sending a check through the mail.  Baptist Faith Mission is now able to receive funds directly online for us and other missionaries being helped by BFM.  You can use any major credit card, just go to www.baptistfaithmissions.org and select the button for donate – then follow the instructions.  Hope this makes it easier for many of you.

This letter is getting too long so let me close it by saying once again how thankful Anita and I are for you love, prayers and support.  We pray God might shower HIS richest blessings on each of you.  Until next month.

In HIM by HIS grace,

Sheridan and Anita Stanton


Return to Brazil

We have our tickets purchased to return to Brazil on July 11th. The original plan was to return mid-August. We decided it would be best to return earlier due to the kids schooling. The Brazilian school system began in March 2011. Since it has already begun, we will at least get them in for the start of the 2nd semester – July 16th.

Our Plans

We are church planters & trainers, part of the “SeedFactory” initiative. This is a church based movement to start churches that plant churches in all 26 Brazilian capitals. In turn, each church becomes an equipping center designed to further expand into the smaller cities within their own state. We love church planting & training pastors. We return to Manaus to strategically continue our work.


Sarah, Laura & Benjamin think I am a superhero! I will have a chance to demonstrate how strong I am. You see, on flights to Brazil, each person is allowed 2 bags up to 70 lbs each. I will carry all of those bags. Hey, if Elijah was the fastest runner on earth (1 Kings 18.46), why can’t I be the strongest man on earth? Yep, packing bags for a family of five takes on a whole new meaning!

Raquel and I are getting our bags ready. We only have a few more weeks in Lexington, KY.

Our schedule
June 12 – Bible Baptist Church, N.Vernon, IN – Pr. Kevin Ridder
June 13-19 – Emmanuel Baptist Church, Oldtowne, KY – Pr. John Lybrook
June 26 – Emmanuel Baptist Church, Bellbrook, OH – Pr. Darrell Messer
July 1 – Depart from Lexington, driving to Florida.

Get the latest news

Log onto www.judhatcher.com. Read updates about our family and ministry. If you are on Facebook search for me by email: judsonhatcher@gmail.com.

A special “thank you”

David Parks – for detailed administration & care for us missionaries. BFM would not be the same without you.

David Pitman – for inspiring us to “tweet”, start a blog & post regularly.

Glenn Archer – for challenging us daily on “Morning Musings” & writing about everyday things.

Bobby Creiglow – for generously lending us a van for a year.

Darwin Smith – for being a tremendous cousin & encourager.

Tim Parsons – for being a great friend, mentor & a fireball.

Excitement is in the air for all of us. Being in the US has been tremendously inspiring to our hearts. We return pumped & ready to continue what we love to do most – church planting & training.

Please, give generously to the BFM General Fund.

Always grateful,

Jud, Raquel, Sarah, Laura & Benjamin.


Dear friends and family,
Our days go so fast here that we let last month pass without writing a letter to you all. Please forgive us for that laps of communication. It is just totally amazing that with all of our technology how we loss track of this communication. Not only did the time slip through our fingers but the computer was down for a while.
We are in the planning stages for the visitors we will receive this month. The First Baptist Church from Centerville, Georgia will be with us for seven days. This is an awesome work group, last year they built our pulpit area. This work was cement, block, stucco; just plain old dirty HARD work. Along with this work they did a fabulous back yard Bible School. This year will be more of the same–doing miracles, seeing people saved. It is AWESOME to see God at work anywhere but for us here in Brasil along with Americans it just great for the two countries working together.
Well on the 23rd of May we helped our daughter Mary and her husband Walmir move to their new ministry in Sales Oliveira. This is about a seven hour drive from Caraguatatuba. Pray for them as they are starting a new ministry there. We helped set-up their new home and got to hear Walmir´s first sermon in his new Church. This was on a Wednesday and they had about 40 in attendance. That was excellent for a Church of 29 members.
When we left there Barb and I visited another Pastor in a near by town to start our advertising for the Pastor´s Conference in November. The theme for our conference will be ” Rescuing our Happiness to Serve” It will be the 1st through the 4th of November and we are expecting around 100 pastors to attend from all around Brasil. Please pray with us about this very important conference. I will be visiting various Churches to preach and tell about this conference.
We are hoping that this week we will complete all the structural work for our dorm house at the Vocational School. We have been stuccoing the building now for about 2 months, this will prepare the building for paint and tile work.  Pray also for this ministry with us.
Well have you ever just been working yourself to the bone to accomplish your work for the Lord and the devil throws you so many blows? Well, this month has been one of those months. I had a little hose on my truck spring a leak, it was a pressure hose to the clutch, maybe a $50.00 item. I dropped the truck off to be fixed and 5 days later picked it up and that little hose, less than 2 feet, wound up costing one thousand reais ($620). The mechanic said that you could not just purchase the hose you had to purchase the whole set up for the clutch. Then on Monday morning (wash day) the dryer quit working and the tech could not find a motor for it. It will have to be ordered because it is imported. And if that was not enough the washing machine went out the next day. All this happening and we are having 18 people from Georgia coming and we need everything in working order. I think that we just need to pray more realizing that there will always be obstacles in the Lord´s work.
As we are asking for prayer for lots of things let me add one more for your prayers.  Pray for our son Bryan and his family as they are having many health issues there in the States. Thanks to all you prayer warriors for your constant pray for us as we serve as your ambassadors here in Brasil.
If you want to help more in our work here and you would like to see how God works outside of the States, just come on down and experience it up close and personal. We are always glad to have friends come as it gives us courage to confront all that Satan throws in our path. Come on down.

In His service,
Aj and Barb