Glenn Archer’s Daily Devotions and Sermons

Glenn Archer’s Daily Devotions and Sermons can be found at:

GlennArcherGlenn Archer began his association with Baptist Faith Missions back in the early 1960s when he first came to Lexington Baptist College in Lexington KY and was introduced to some of the first missionaries to serve Christ in partnership with BFM.

He went on from there to support BFM in pastorates in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri.  He would later serve as a Director of BFM and also as our Treasurer.  He maintained his active participation in all things BFM until his Homegoing to Heaven in February 2014.

Here is the text of a recent email from his daughter and son-in-law, Mark and Susan Poiles.  We copy it here verbatim:

“Dear Friends,  It is a privilege on this one-year anniversary of Brother Glenn Archer’s passing to share with you his website.  Before he passed away, Brother Archer and I discussed publishing his devotions and sermons.  The original idea was to publish a book and sell it. The proceeds would go to Baptist Faith Missions.

After prayer and further consideration, I have decided to publish his works on the web. The address is A link has been provided on the site for donations to be given to BFM in his memory.

As you will read on the site, Brother Archer’s wish was for the whole world to see his writings.  It is my prayer that by the grace of God and your help, we will be able to make that wish come true through the means of the world wide web.  Feel free to share this link. May Jesus be lifted up and God receive all the glory!
Mark & Susan Poiles”