FaithWORKS Report [June 2014]

PRAY AND PRAISE in this issue…

  • ODALI AND KATHY BARROS—PRAISE GOD for the work in Ubim going well. PRAY for their Monday night services and childrens classes in Ubim. PRAISE GOD for the way He has worked in Odali’s life and for making a lasting generational change that also affected his family.
  • MIKE AND BEV CREIGLOW—PRAISE GOD for growth in Pé da Terra and plans for a new building in Porto Walter. PRAY for the church in Santa Rosa who has just called a new pastor from First Baptist Cruzeiro do Sul. PRAISE GOD for recent baptisms in the mountain works along the Moa River.
  • JOHN AND ALTA HATCHER—PRAISE GOD for a blessed time in Lexington and for providing a place for them in Florida. PRAY for them as they transition to Florida. PRAY for the works in Brazil that are continuing as they are away.
  • JOHN MARK AND JUDY HATCHER—PRAISE GOD for the nine committed believers in Mazere who are sharing their faith! PRAY for patience as they wait while God grows potential leaders. PRAISE GOD for how He is working in the lives of adults and children in Tournefeuille.
  • PAUL AND WANDA HATCHER—PRAISE GOD for leading, guiding, and providing a place for them to rent in Florida. PRAY for Pastor Adolfo Escote who is having eye problems. PRAY for the new church plant in northern Brazil that is getting ready to incorporate. PRAISE GOD for church plants that are growing!
  • AJ AND BARBARA HENSLEYPRAISE GOD for starting to soften the heart of the chief of the Indian village. PRAY for those in the Indian Village, that they would come to know Christ as their Savior. PRAISE GOD for the team from Georgia who helped with a VBS and accomplished lots of projects on their list.
  • NATHAN AND CARRIE RADFORD—PRAY for their return to Kenya. PRAY that the Lord will direct them to the work permits and paperwork they need to complete. PRAISE GOD for those who “hold the ropes.”
  • ROGER AND JULIE TATE—PRAISE GOD for the room Roger has leased to start a church planting training center. PRAY for the Lord to start a church planting revolution in Kitale and that He will be glorified in that place. 
  • BOBBY AND CHARLENE WACASER—PRAISE GOD for one repaired Projeto Vida motorhome and the privilege of sharing the Gospel in 9 schools! PRAY for the mission team coming from Phoenix who will be presenting the Gospel in 6 schools and 3 parks. PRAISE GOD for faithful family who serves and shows the love of Christ.


The New Hope Missionary Baptist Church will be hosting the Thanksgiving Conference again this November – but it will not be during Thanksgiving week this year.  The new dates will be Monday-Wednesday – November 10, 11, 12.  Please note and mark these new dates.

Founders Overbey and Clark


We are appealing to you to give an extraordinary offering to our Founder’s Day Offering to supply our missionaries’ Essential Maintenance needs.

72 years ago, Hafford Overbey began appealing for and receiving offerings to assist in the support of a missionary who had returned to the Amazon Valley in Brazil.  Baptist Faith Missions has been assisting Baptist churches in sending their missionaries to the nations of the world for the purpose of church-planting missions ever since.

We recognize that many of you do not remember Hafford Overbey or Z. E. Clark, the first Treasurer of Baptist Faith Missions.  But, what you do need to remember is that your missionaries who are currently serving the Lord in the nations of the world are carrying on with the same missionary vision and ministry that prompted the very first missions offering in 1942.

So, will you please help us?  Last year [2013], it was the Founder’s Day Offering that enabled us to NOT have to reduce our missionaries’ monthly funds.  We devote the Founder’s Day Offering to supplying our missionaries’ monthly Essential Maintenance Transactions.  What that means is: we will supply any deficits in our Monthly General Fund Offerings with Founder’s Day Offering funds.

So, by giving to the Founder’s Day Offering, you are helping your missionaries receive the full commitments of monthly funds they must have to maintain their living and ministry needs.

[Click here to download the BFM Founders Day Offering Appeal 2014]

BFM BROCHURESbrochure (2)

We now have TWO very attractive and informative professionally-produced brochures.  We want you to help us get these promotional messages into the hands of anyone and everyone who is interested in the mission work the Lord is accomplishing through the missionaries who are supported by your offerings through BFM.

(1) The first of these brochures is one that will introduce you to BFM and inform you about the basic principles by which BFM functions. (click here to view)

GF Brochure(2) The second brochure is just now ‘hot off the press.’  This one is entitled “Caring for those who care for the world,” and is designed to inform and explain just how essential the monthly General Fund is to the daily living and ministry needs of our missionaries. (click here to view)

Both of them are full-color, either 6 or 8 pages 8 ½ x 11 format, pictorial, and informative.  Will you please help us distribute these brochures as widely as you can?

If you will send your name and mailing address to:
Dave Parks, 3985 Boston Road, Lexington KY 40514
email: daveparks[at] | phone: 859.223.8374 –
and tell us how many sets of these brochures you want – we will get them back to you by return shipping.

For now, you can access an electronic flip-through version of the new brochure by going to our website and clicking on the brochure cover.

Again, please serve as ambassadors for your missionaries by helping us get either single-copy sets to interested persons or bundles to distribute in our churches.  The brochures will ‘speak for themselves’ – for our missionaries.


Two of our longest-serving missionary families are on furlough in the States together at this time: John and Alta Hatcher and Paul and Wanda Hatcher. Paul has written in his Mission Sheets newsletter, “Wanda and I have been in Brazil for 40 years.  During this period, we have taken only one full-year furlough.”  But, they all have come together to the States for a year’s furlough.  John and Alta Hatcher have been serving our Lord in partnership with Baptist Faith Missions for 60 years and wanted to come Stateside for this furlough.  Paul and Wanda have come with them to accompany and help them.  Also with them is Wanda’s mom, Willa McGary.  ‘Miss Willa’ and Wanda’s deceased dad, Wilford, served as church-planting missionaries in Eastern Kentucky Appalachia for 35 years.  Willa has also been living with Paul and Wanda in Manaus since December 2013.

So, they are all living and traveling together.  They plan to set up their residence in Florida during this time to give them better access to Brazil, especially for family and friends in Brazil to come and visit with them during this year.

Paul says: ‘We will be available to speak and share missions.  We can be contacted at: (239)227-6551 or rphatcher[at]’  We encourage you to pray for them and correspond with them.

Their present address is: 615 Key West Avenue, Davenport FL 33897-3600
Telephone: (863) 438-6922


For many years, we have remembered and honored our principal founders, Hafford Overbey and Z. E. Clark, by giving special offerings for the missionaries during the month of June. We call it our FOUNDER’S DAY OFFERING.

But, the Founder’s Day Offering not only memorializes our original founders in 1942 – we are also honoring our eleven faithful missionary families who are currently serving the Lord in Brazil, Peru, France, and Kenya.

Their support needs are great – and the supplies are low. We use the Founder’s Day Offering to help supply our missionaries’ monthly essential living and ministry support. And, these offerings will also help prevent our having to reduce the monthly commitments we have made to them due to a lack of General Fund supplies.

Here’s what each of us can do:
PASTORS – we encourage you to observe a special Missions or Great Commission Emphasis Sunday and give your church the opportunity to give to the BFM General Fund. Emphasize Jesus’ command to preach His Gospel to all nations. That is what our missionaries are doing. That is the original burden and vision that inspired the founding of BFM. We are continuing to perpetuate that vision and burden. That is what we are supporting when we give to BFM’s General Fund. We will use these offerings to continue to supply our missionaries’ on-going needs.

GIVING FRIENDS – if your church is not participating in our Founder’s Day Offering, we encourage you to support your missionaries by giving a personal offering.  Of course, you can give as the Lord enables you to give, and no offering of any amount is insignificant. But what if every one of our missionaries’ Giving Friends gave at least a $70 offering in honor of the 70+ years our missionaries have been faithfully preaching the Gospel?  But – please do give as the Lord impresses and enables you.

You can visit our website’s Donate/Support page to easily contribute through the options we have made available to you.  Or, you can mail your offering to: Baptist Faith Missions, Pastor George Sledd, Treasurer, P.O. Box 471280, Lake Monroe FL 32747-1280

You will find on our website [Faith Works Blog] some PDF resources that will be helpful as you help us promote Founder’s Day:
BFM Founder’s Day Offering – Bulletin Insert
BFM Founder’s Day Offering – General Letter
BFM Founder’s Day Offering – Letter from Our President
BFM Founder’s Day PowerPoint Slide